All-Star Royale

by Krozy
All-Star Royale is a game that is inspired by most PVP games that feature characters from different shows/places such as SUPER SMASH BROS. and JUMP : ULTIMATE STAR. Due to that, the game has many different original-characters (OCs) made by skilled artists
Anybody want to do a small event and earn 1 free Premium Character? Just comment saying you want to.

If I get enough positive feedback on that, we'll go ahead and do a fanart event.

Requirements for the fanart event : Must be your own work
Must use the image released for the event as your reference.
Skill with DIGITAL art.
Do it I'll win =o
2 people so far, if we get to 10 then I'll consider it a good amount of people to start the event with.
bring it on i say.
6 more!
Idk if it counts, but I'm interested in seeing this pass even tho I'm no pixel artist
Yeah it counts but I need at least 10 artists involved in it.
6 more artists guys!