Site Parsing

by Volte
A small collection of procedures to parse information from (certain) websites.
This library includes the following procedures...

Procedure Name: LookUp()

Return Value: An associated list containing the information of the specified key
retrieved from the BYOND people page.

Syntax: LookUp(TheKey as text)

Procedure Name: FindAuthor()

Return Value: The author of the specified post ID.

Syntax: FindAuthor(PostID as number)

Procedure Name: FindBody()

Return Value: The body of the post ID specified.

Syntax: FindBody(PostID as number)

Procedure Name: DictionarySearch()

Return Value: An associated list containing number of entries of the specified word, definitions
of the specified word, the suggestion for mis-spelling, and the message telling you if the word
was not found.


var/list/Defs = DictionarySearch("hot")
if(Defs["Not found"])
src << "Hot not found."
// Or..
src << Defs["Not found"]
src << Defs["Did you mean?"]
src << "The first definition found is.."
src << Defs["Definitions"][1]

Syntax: DictionarySearch(Word as text)