Dungeon Master

by Ginseng
Dungeon Master
RTS/RPG Dungeon simulation game. How evil a Dungeon Master will you be?
Updates I would like to see in DM

Moats being able to be dug around bases ( must be linked to a water sorce)

Wooden wall/objects become fire proof when water is next to them

Skins have different icons and carteristics based on skin used. (ie. Lizard skin gives racail poison resistance etc.)

Supernatural quality armor buff to have same def as legendary metal armor.

Sand Kings able to either build bridges or fill in water tiles with sand ( 5 sand = 1 tile)

Restart change - when player restarts all walls/doors/chest ect delete. (this will help low amount of map wipes)

Cave ins put back in. ( currently pillars are useless)

More traps ( pitfalls put back it recode so that the unlimited stun goes away)

Racial specific magic ( elves can hide morph into trees/crops, dwarfs would gain 10-15 def for 30 seconds ect..

Ncps attack walls to get to near by players put back in( used to be frog men lol

Illiads buffed on thier mind slaves level and races, allow any ncp races.

Illiads change to mind take over, instead of below level 10 make it 1/5th current users level, (ie. at level 20 u could only get level 5s but at level 100 u could get level 20s maybe let u catch a dragon if ur lucky)

Illiads have no magic or mages so give them the ability to mind slaves mate or them themselves have restore youth

Gargs nerfed in sunlight to frozen statues

Elves buff gain poison crafting station and ability to use

Elven Ncps added with an elven ncp town

walls able to be built on water or water filled in so walls can be built ( 5 sand = 1 water tile)

caves in happen at random intervoles when pillars arnt present. ( this will allow dug out places to auto fill in over time maybe once a year)

dwarven upgrate TnT blows a 9 tile radious up for mineing and can be set to a trip wire to make into a trap

Buff to Gremlins ( they suck atm they need something special)

Gargs golems buffed since this is the only unit besides skeletons they get give them wings and ablity to wear armor.

Randomised Ore veins ( Gin put this in the past once but took it out. but i thought it was a great idea, makes it where not everyone can have legendary metal. ores could pop up once a year. and drills next to veins wouldnt destory them but mine out the ore and stone in it.)

devs ability to build flesh bridges (or again fill in water with sand)

Put flooding back in

Destroy option for chest or ablity to melt them

Mage ability to transmute uncut gems to another

spear hitting 2 tiles away with a 50% accuracy debuff is target is 1tile away

get rid of arrows completely they are usless just have bows fire metal arrows besides siler bows which fire silver.
Rojiru much of the community misses you, as much as they won't say it many of us, Zerhir myself, Vikings, Deathsye we all had such amazing fun on your server, please bring it back. As much as you must hate the hate from the other people.

Honestly Felix himself is a fool and tends to ruin a lot of the fun of your server by flooding over his horrible community.
Hmm perhaps I might return.
Please do, Rojiru-san! I played on your server once or twice, and it was great. Then it suddenly went down :L

You probably don't know me, but I really wanted to get involved in your community.

Keep on keeping on.
just wondering if this server is still running? Looking for a server to play but nobody is hosting hah.
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