by Gughunter
An original dice game with an emphasis on bluffing.
Sept. 11 2003 [v1]: Cleaned up the code to handle booting more gracefully, and clarified instructions. Download the update or I'll run ye through!

Sept. 13 2003 [v2]: Added a Who verb, improved AI bluffing, and did general tidying of code, comments, and instructions. The game is pretty much done, though there will probably be at least one more release to handle bugfixes (though I think it's pretty clean -- knock on wood).

Sept. 13 2003 [v3]: No sooner had I uploaded the last version than I went to BYONDscape and Deadron had left some good comments. Now the roller's claim shows up at the top of the screen, and the purpose of the daggers (they mark each player's bid) is more obvious.