How you dooooin'?

So anyways, I have this song I've been composing on my guitar. Decided to use "Guitar Pro" to tab it into Midi form, and added some simple drums and bass.. if you can be bothered, tell me what you think!


Looking for constructive criticism here, and it isn't finished yet. This is just what I have going at the moment. (Doesn't include vocals - when I've finished the song, I'll record vocals and stick it in mp3 format).

Thanks, love you.
This the one you tried sending me but disappeared almost 3/4 of the way through?
Very nice :)
Change the jesus to black and its perfect.
I love the music. Copyright it before
Vertex steals it. <_<

Hell, I may even steal it and put it in Naruto relegr8
You know what it sounds like? Like a narrative song to some long journey.

I was walking down a dirt road, when I came across an apple tree. There I found a squirrel, but I continued to walk down the dirt road. The grass along the road was very green. Then I came across a little house... it looked cozy. But something bad happened. I dropped my knapsack. I had to pick everything up. Gr. I looked up at the sky... it's very pretty. My future feels a lot brighter. Yeah.

me no knows but me liekz it.
it was cool may try something like this my self...........if i knew what i was doing.