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When i start up my pager all that happens is a black box with the byond logo on it pops up sating loading Game information so if i right click the icon on my taskbar i can get the pager to pop up but is all black but a few things the feed isnt there or anything ive tryed deleting and re downloading it worked when i first downloaded it but after i deleted mcafee it started doing this when my pc rebooted?
Have this exact same problem. Anyone know whats going wrong?
Same problem here. I have tried UN-installing and RE-installing, but no luck.
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Since you guys are all having the same symptom, would you be willing to post some specs to help find out what you have in common? What OS, anti-virus, firewall, account privileges, install directory, BYOND version number?
I run on a Windows 7, I have no anit-virus software that acts against on it's own will. I use Windows Firewall. The account is the Administrator account. BYOND is installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\BYOND. And the version number is 499.1199 I believe, I am relatively new to BYOND so I am not sure where to find it. That was the name of the file I downloaded from the site.
When I run the BYOND program as administrator, it gets to what I believe is the pager with a games tab, friends tab, and a home tab. I can log into it and have the account verified, but I cannot seem to get anywhere else with it. I can launch to the Your game is about to start screen from the website now, but it will not load the game. I have opened up the ports in the firewall, yet it still doesn't want to work.
Yesterday, it was not working; however, today it decided to work with no additional changes. I'm not sure why, but I'm glad.