by Flysbad
If you want to have a couple of your quest ideas in the game, follow the example below and post what you've came up with!


NPC Name: Combat Trainer


Name: Learning Combat

Description: So you must be new? I'm the best combat
specialist around these areas I'll teach you everything
you need to know to survive in this world!

Objective: Press W to attack. Press Q to guard

EXP Reward: 50

Tsen Reward: 50 // this is money

NPC Name: Mayor Sam


Name: Villagers Request

Desc: Lately the Villagers have been.. blah blah. I can't
think of anything. Blah blah.

Objective: Go do whatever the villagers was complaining about

Exp Reward: 150

Tsen Reward: 100

Name: Finding the key

Desc: Well now since that problem is taken care of, I need
your assistance. I've misplaced the towns key! Can
you help me find it? I'll give you some of the towns Tsen.

Objective: Help Mayor Sam find the towns key.

Exp Reward: 50

Tsen Reward: 1000

Name Name: Billy Sue Quests- Quest1 Name: A Robber Desc:Someone Stole something from me, if you manage to get it back for me, i'd be happy. Objective: Find The Robber and Kill Him to get what he stole Exp Reward: 100 Tsen Reward: 1500
NPC Name: Baker Will


Name: Escort Kid

Desc: My kid ran off into the woods talking about finding some rare stone, it's not too dangerous but he has no combat experience. Could you go get him and bring him back for me?

Objective: Go find the kid and bring him back without him getting killed

Exp Reward: 250

Tsen Reward: 200

Item Reward: 5x loaf of Bread(heals 50 health per consumption)
NPC Name: Chris Tsuna.


Name: Find the Sword of Fire.

Description: My Sword of Fire is missing around here in this area can you find it for me?

Objective: Go find the Sword of Fire and bring back to Chris Tsuna.

Exp Reward: 240

Tsen Reward: 1000

Name: Slime killer.

Description: Fight 5 slimes.

Objective: Fight 5 slimes.

Exp Reward: 300

Tsen Reward: 300