Naruto Next Generation

by Untamed Monkey
Naruto Next Generation
A Naruto PvP Game
A nice pvp naruto-based game with 4 villages and a few clans. I'm going to add more villages, clans, and other things soon to make it better :) If you have any questions, post them on our website.

Owner: UntamedMonkey
GM: Masterdeath1, Shadowmattster
Mods: .ItachiRD, Bryan23, Dysprosium
Special Thanks: Berlin, Deadlypure, Sinedd1166, Firewire67, Majpaj, Pikachulover

-Treat all players and staff the way you want to be treated!
-If there is a bug, report it! Do not tell anyone else about it, and do not abuse it.
-Do not use help button unless you absolutely need it.
-Do not spam the chat.
-If an admin asks you to do something, do it.
-No Spawn killing or camping spawn points!
-Do not ask an admin for items.
-Do not log off to avoid death.
-Do not be racist.

Staff Rules:
-Do not abuse your powers!
-If you see a different Admin abusing their powers, report him/her to owner.
-If you're not sure on a punishment for an abuser, ask a higher leveled admin.
-Try to avoid banning. Jail/mute/boots are there for a reason.
-Do not summon or teleport to people to kill them or allow another player to kill them.
-Do not create things for players that will give them an unfair advantage over the others.
-Just because you're an admin, doesn't give you the right to treat players disrespectfully.

Well if you can code I think boars are bugged, they are raising strength ridiculously fast and giving levels without the missions. On top of constantly fighting each other to the point that you can kill a hurt boar fairly easily early on.
I'm sorry server i bugged right now guys. I can't fix it because I'm not home now and wont be for 1 more day. I asked Ken to reboot if he can somehow log in. But if he can't, once I get home it will be up again.
mange thats because he didn't make the original game and thus does not know everything about the game and now it is a broken piece of shizzles :u
In response to Dubem
HA wow... Dubem have you even played the game, because the game is just as good... no it's even better than it was when this game was the current one. He may not have made it but he is doing a good job remodeling and changing it so that it is just as fun, and it is not a broken piece of "shizzles" whatever the heck that is. The game has structure The village leader's, Akatsuki and so much more. So don't bash on my friends game, we have fun and I'm pretty sure that everyone who has played it will agree.
Hey players, we would like it if you ALL could go to our website and register as a member at-
Like us on facebook. (link is on our website)
Lots of You all said "this game is too small" well this is helping us overcome the size and get bigger. As time progresses we will add more villages, Clans, Clan Jutsu's and Rebirths... its endless we already have the coding, and iconning staff (but we might need more) they are currently working on something BIG.
100 fans total ;D
thx guys
Server is offline :/
I had to give my computer a break. It was running for a long time :) But, server is back up now
servr offline for night?
its back on
and now its back down for night,lol
Untamed, Iunno if you know but if you don't, You cant get off the homescreen.
Blood Shower is right, you can't load, make or even delete your character.
der rite...I cant even get on.
guys im so sry about that
I had no idea it wasn't working
but i fixed it now
LOL max banned me for no reason...
if i say wipe becouse there are players lvl 1000 (this is unfair for new plaers becouse cap is 300) and i get banned? oook
Oh... My..... God! Do I have to ban from here too? Cause I will, and you said you don't wanna play anymore
Everyone over lvlcap is being forced to rebirth now
so when i get unbann? i waited for 14 days
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