Naruto Next Generation

by Untamed Monkey
Naruto Next Generation
A Naruto PvP Game
how much longer are we gonna be down?
I guess every thing is in tip top shape? -ADR
Sorry for the server crash guys, my power keeps going out today because of a thunder storm
Im having internet issues so server might not be up today...Sorry everyone Naruto MMORPG coming online soon. Has over 1.9k players, Join our community today :D (Proxied referred you)


Derps(*fades in*)

(*fades away FOREVER Egor?command=view_post&post=1367762&first_unread=1 )
This is the best naruto game you will play with a new leveling system and everything way more clans than any naruto game out there and more clans coming soon plz the creator and coder of this game is thinking of shutting it down because not many ppl know about it and dont play we have max about 20 players but its amazing its not a nng rip and all new passive for clans there is no bugs and a new thing called besieged where these ninjas attack your village and you need to protect your village so come on and enjoy
Actually, that is a rip.
Go play the original.
Down again? When will the game be back up?
Oh, come on. The game just got back online. Why take it down again?
cause i am stopping the game for now.. look at the hub for details


This game will be online as long as people want to host it
I can host whenever I'm on or are you able to host when your away from the computer?
It is alright guys... hopefully I can have the game up by Sunday, if not then Monday for sure. I am incredibly sorry for the fact that we have gone down. I will take over as host until Untamed is ready to host again. I promise that we will be better than before.
Guys do y'all want a wipe? or have any suggestions or questions? If you do Page me ( Shadowmattster ), I get on Byond frequently so I shall write back soon. Once again thanks for your patience.

Oh P.S We will be hiring some new staff so send me your resumes to [email protected] or page me thanks.

Plz bring the game back D:
SO I have the game now... it is just a matter of collecting the staff and then we are a go.
Not that I care of any lol just curious you mean you own the game?have the same source?or untammed put you in charge or your continuing it lol
I am in charge of continuing it... why do you not care?
I don't play o.o meh should of remarked that statement in not such a negative way ,but did not know untammed let others in charge.
Not coming back up?
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