Naruto Next Generation

by Untamed Monkey
Naruto Next Generation
A Naruto PvP Game
sup guys its a new naruto based game watch some screenshots and you will be amazed index.php?app=referrals&reff=3709
I am incredibly sorry, My computer crashed... literally, and now I don't have one... so if anyone wants to host feel freel to PM untamed.
In response to Shadowmattster
how i host the game
can someone tell me how to host the game
email me a screenshot of your internet speed results from this website: and ill tell you if your internet is good to host. My email is "[email protected]"
that email cant be found so i just type it here
Download speed test :: 2.8 Mbps 356 kB/ Your Speed :: 2.9 Mbps
24% slower than your Host average 3.7 Mbps
8% faster than your City average 2.6 Mbps
8% faster than the JM average 2.6 Mbps
Upload speed test :: 721 Kbps 90 kB/s
Your Speed :: 721 Kbps
43% slower than your Host average 1.3 Mbps
13% faster than your City average 640 Kbps
13% faster than the JM average 646 Kbp
Download :: 4.5 Mbps 561 KB/s Upload :: 795 Mbps 99 KB/s Your Download Speed 4.5 Mbps 32% faster than your Average 3.4 Mbps 21% faster than your Host Average 3.7 Mbps 68% faster than your City Average 2.7 Mbps 68% faster than your JM Average 2.7 Mbps . Your Upload Speed 0.8 Mbps 88% faster than your Average 0.4 Mbps 37% slower than your Host Average 1.3 Mbps 24% faster than your City Average 0.6 Mbps 23% faster than your JM Average 0.6 Mbps
so tell me if i can host it
Guys take this game 100% without lag is much easier to evolve, server never gets off, GM at your disposal ... Come :)
Naruto New Era #
Guys This is important,in case if you didn't notice, the game was brought back up for the weekend. We would like to know if you guys want us to do that regularly.

I have made a poll, please vote on yes or no, i will also say that in the summer the game will be 24/7 with admin support. So I thank you all for your support.- Tycoon
why every time i try it says connection failed.??? if i be gm i will be nice to people like you do and people will trust me to so i hope you read this please
i will be the best gm like you
Hey guys ive been playing NNG for a while now and differant versions and there never really hosted for that long so i wanted to ask if you could let me host? i could host atleast 23 hours day 7 days a week i might no how to code and do all the other complicated stuff but i can be a dedicated hoster because i like playing this game and i dont really like when its only up for a day or 2 :/. If i could host the game i would be able to host 23 hours a day and that 1 hour that servers are shut off will be when i restart my net and also restart my computer so servers will be smooth again
i also might be able to buy a 24/7 shell server if that possible i really love this game and i wish to play it more so message me when you see this
Can some one tell me why i cant join this game it says connection failed am i banned or some other odd reason
your game is lagged like hell
Zampos101 It is probably due to your connection, because i have just unbanned everyone, I recommend updating your flash player, java, or Byond.

Dark Toshi, Im sorry it is lagging like hell, but this is the only host we have for now. In the summer we will be switching to a new host who has better internet connection and will let us have a less lagging server.

Thanks for your comments. -Tycoon
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