Go here if you would be interested in getting custom subscription labels so we can let players/users buy more than just game subscriptions. Custom labels would let us sell silver, items, add-ons and etc.
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Obviously what we could use is a solid and detailed proposal one what subscription/sales mechanisms BYOND should be offering, how it should be presented on the website and how external access to this information should be provided.

It's fairly apparent the current model is "okay" but rather simplistic and a little restrictive as a result. Could I borrow a few people's time for this briefly, once I've gathered together something coherent from these feature requests?
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heh, not sure why I didn't search for "subscription". We should consolidate all these requests into one so we can lump all our votes into overhauling subscriptions.
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There are a couple more related requests.

Searching Feature Requests for "Subscription"