unless im severly mistaken DB mystic world fits into the category of a rip and yet it remains visible, i would hate to think that it gets immunity from the rules due to the large player base...
Sayorecca wrote:
unless im severly mistaken DB mystic world fits into the category of a rip and yet it remains visible

A lot of mistakes are being made right now. People are working on getting stuff fixed up, but Byond has a lot of content. Things get missed, and some things get changed that shouldn't be. It's bound to happen, and the staff is open to people fixing the mistakes or notifying them of things that have fallen between the cracks and been overlooked.

i would hate to think that it gets immunity from the rules due to the large player base...

No, player base size has no part in it.
NEStalgia isn't a fan game - It isn't Dragon Warrior and the graphics were made by Silk/whoever the hell made them.
Also, just because it uses the same 8-bit style as Dragon Warrior games, doesn't mean it's a fan game. It just models itself after most 8-bit fantasy RP games. (Clone of ScaryGame 1)

Didn't WildBlood make SG1? I think there's a ScareyGame3 somewhere on the hub too.
Galactic Soldier wrote:
Needs removed: DragonBallZGTRebirthUnleashed NarutoBrasilOVerdadeiroNaruto
Omg, there's just too many to list.

I thought fan games couldn't be featured? (Dragon Warrior, same systems, same artwork from the console games, etc) (Clone of ScaryGame 1)

I also believe that games shouldn't be accepted until the game is tested by a BYOND Admin.

I would agree with 'The Final Battle', however they have a form of permission to use the Izou source.
Galactic Soldier wrote:
Silk didn't make the graphics.

Hello there, person I don't know! There are two possibilities here:

First, that I should thank you for the compliment. I'm not a professional artist, but my efforts have certainly paid off if I've nailed the look of NEStalgia so well that you believe that the graphics could only be from a professional source.

The other possibility is that you're just another envious troll who hates the idea that I've been successful with NEStalgia... so much so that it's given you a burning desire to badmouth the game. No one could ever get away with calling NEStalgia a poorly made BYOND game, so at this point your only tactic is to attempt to discredit it.

Because the quote above is a popular line of attack from my "I hate Silk so much I love him" fans, I'm going to guess that we're dealing with the latter situation here. Therefore, I challenge you to put some of that jealous rage to good use and closely examine the screenshot comparisons linked below. You'll find that there aren't masses of copies or "sprite edits". NEStalgia's original artwork is based upon the look of all NES RPGs - Dragon Warrior's style and perspective in particular. nestalgia_comparison.gif

Time to rack your brain for a new way to lash out at me. Good luck.
According to your "logic", more than half the games out there (especially the good 'ol SNES or older games) are "rips".

What's with all the Nestalgia hate. "It has the same feeling as DW, must be a rip".
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It has the same hill sprite or something as DW, and perhaps one more.
Some other rips that should be noted:

Almost a direct rip of an older game that used to be quite popular. Has a few slight modifications.

Again, another rip of an older game on BYOND. Implements a few new features.

Both use the source code and graphics from the older BYOND games- without permission from the original creator of said games, as far as I know.
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For what it's worth, some people repeating the 'nestalgia has ripped sprites' meme might just be confused. I remember back when you first released the game the 'screenshots' pages on your hub still had the beta graphics - which were, as I recall, ripped sprites. If that was the only time you've seen it, it's easy to understand how you might get it wrong. I certainly did, because I recognised the Lufia enemy sprite that was the beta version of this enemy.

Or maybe I'm dead wrong, the beta graphics (from before the actual release) weren't sprite rips and I'm just carrying on the meme. If I am, sorry, it's not a deliberate attempt to offend.
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The hub pictures currently (and the banner) still use some ripped graphics.
Mystic Journey was open source (the link rotted).
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Are you sure? I checked before I made the post, and the lich/ghost/phantom whatever sprite from Lufia that I recognised before is now still very similar looking but definitely not the same sprite - i.e., it's been changed to the actual release graphics. I'd assume the rest of it has been fixed too.
In response to Moonlight Memento
No, it does not.

If you continue to make baseless attacks on these forums, you will find your posting privileges revoked.
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Are you a mod Airjoe? Just asking.
Two, if you're going to try to post a picture like that, could you have all the screenshots be of good quality?
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Moonlight Memento wrote:
Two, if you're going to try to post a picture like that, could you have all the screenshots be of good quality?

The burden of proof is on the affirmative. If you're going to call someone out for stealing graphics, *you* should be posting screenshots, not me. I spent sixty seconds on Google image search to find the screenshots, and they are of adequate quality to show that Nestalgia's hill icon is much different- it is darker and oppositely slanted than that of Dragon Warrior 1-4.
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Some of them are adequate quality. The upperleft one for instance is just horrific.
In response to Moonlight Memento

It is of adequate quality to say that the icons are not the same. Some jpg artifacts don't change that.
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The point being, the graphics are too similar.
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Maybe in your eyes.
Similar =/= the same.
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