by Beaubee
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Unickk, good job with the updates and stuff. I know the files got currupted so walking is a little off. Next update i belive you said it would be fixed. I love how you get alot of players on the server in a short amount of time. So i just want to say i'll try and get my friends to play, but the problem is the host. The server is not stable meaning that it isnt always 24/7. So either get a new host or tell the surrent one to stay 24/7. Otherwise great job and keep it up! So far, so good.
Thank you, haven't been trying to argue here. You and anyone else who wants to play is welcome on DA. I just assumed a good bit because of Beaubee and her horrible track record.
Were back at it and you guys can host your own server if wanted. Main server will be updated though and wiped consistantly. Check us out here
send me host files please :D