You can currently set it so you can see some things no matter what if there on your screen using sight. I request some sort of sight list that I can add atoms to that can also be seen no matter what. It would also be nice if something where like the invisibility and see_invisible except instead of see_invisible being equal to or greater then invisibility to see it...It instead has to be equal to see the other atom.
There are plenty of cases where this would be very useful.

An alternative method might be to list what you can't see instead of what you can see.
i've already requested features similar to this

some sort of way to toggle how see_invisible works
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I wonder if could be extended to allow for this:

verb/Squint(mob/M as mob in world)
src<<"You squint really hard and can just make out the outline of [M]!"

The client must already been receiving information about for verb access, so maybe it wouldn't be too much work to add it to the sight flags?
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It should be exactly as you said, good idea. Unfortunately group only supports mobs and not other atoms tho, meh. Perhaps they'd change that as well.