Ninja Chronicles

by Orange55
Ninja Chronicles
Online PvP Sidescroller
0.8 source code can be found here

Fast Paced Sidescrolling PvP

Last Updated: 9/7/2016

Alpha & Beta Information

Welcome to Ninja Chronicles!

The game is currently under development, but you can see our progress here on the forums!

We are striving to create a fun, balanced PVP atmosphere.

Our game is unique to BYOND because jutsu and projectiles are deployed in the direction you designate with a mouse-click. Skillshots will determine the victor. Further, shunpo and substitution are some of the basic options included to increase variety and opportunities for strategy.

Each character released for Ninja Chronicles will come with their own unique set of jutsu, their own unique strategies, strengths, and weaknesses.

Please fan the game, and keep an eye out! Updates are released multiple times every week. You can keep up with the details on the forum.


Team Oriented PVP

360-Degree Projectiles

Balanced Combat


Currency & Unlockable Characters

Intuitive Interface

Lagless Server


Orange55 - Owner, Programmer

Tantric1 - Admin, Game Design, Host

Flag Counter

Special thanks to: DragonDesend for early artwork and testing.

Will there be any tourneys?The game has good graphics and the jutsus are nice.
Also the download doesnt work.
In response to NarutoHeroMMaster
NarutoHeroMMaster wrote:
Will there be any tourneys?The game has good graphics and the jutsus are nice.

Eventually. The Game is still in early alpha. :)

NarutoHeroMMaster wrote:
Also the download doesnt work.

I couldn't get the download button to work myself. But if you click on "zip" you should be able to get a copy.

Kk I have hosted the game for testing
Why has this game been down for so long?! I really like this game so put it us soon please?
i cant enter a server why
Put the game up?!?!?
So when are you adding new characters?
Please see the FORUM for the latest updates, news, and alpha information: