It would be nice to know the higher-ups opinions on features like the bug report status system

It could have statuses like.
Not Plausible
Of interest
Low Demand
Medium Demand
High Demand
Next release

It would also be cool to know what code problems are solved and unsolved at a glance.
On a possibly related note, I wonder what's stopping them from going all-in on the tracker system and using a "Feature Tracker" for feature requests, much like how the Bug Tracker works for bug reports. I suppose in the end, it wouldn't really offer much advantage over the BYOND Features forum, but if the tracker system already exists in the back-end and is generic enough to adapt to varying uses, it may well be a better way of approaching feature requests.

Some advantages do come to mind, the most relevant likely relating to this thread: you could very easily see the status of a request from the front page of the requests tracker.
In response to Kuraudo
I think the biggest problem with a feature tracker is the commitment. If you go and say you're gonna do something officially like that you really have pressure to finish it. That's not always ideal.
In response to Nadrew
Well if the status is less of how quick it will be done and more of how useful vs practical it would be there wouldn't be that much pressure.
A similar idea keeps coming up rather every so much time.