It would be nice to have a cancel button on the interface editor along side the done button.
That would be a Button. Those exist already.
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People keep failing to understand...
Currently in the interface editor there is a done button but no way to cancel so unless you feel like undoing a bit you can't cancel the changes you made.
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And you keep failing to elucidate. There's a reason people can fail to understand something. A, you fail to explain your idea properly, or B, that person is retarded.

All you asked for was a "cancel button." You gave no detail whatsoever. If you want to "undo" your changes, just use "undo." That exists too.
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Why did you bother suggesting to me a method I mentioned in my last post? Yes there is an undo button. I know that...
I'm sorry you failed to understand what I meant by "on the interface editor". It really shouldn't need further elaboration as its a very simple request. It has just been modified slightly to make it clearer for your sake.
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I understood him just fine. And a Cancel button wouldn't hurt.
EDIT: It also for some reason says "New Window" on the title bar, even when its not a new window =P
I don't know what Kaiochao's problem is, but I understand what you mean. I'd like a Cancel button as well so I don't have to go back and fix a bunch of stuff in case I mess up the interface.
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Your right that should probably say the windows name. Do you know if there's a way to reposition a pane window in the interface editor? I can only get it to move around when it has a title bar.