Sword Art Online

by Colesprite
Sword Art Online (SAO) is a game loosely based on the original light novel series.
Cole you are killin dem #Ohkillinem
aww shit cole nice bro
you should make the game be a pane without an exit or minimize button
You truly crazy
I saw a link posted today was it for this?
In response to 007Agent007
That was for something else my friend told me to invite other peeps to his game :o
Main Official Update V1.1
Stat system has been added unlike SAO with only 2 stats, the game has 7,Stamina (How many actions you can do ex. attacks drain Stamina) Strength (How much damage you do) Speed(How fast you avoid attacks) Durability(How much damage you can take) Power(How strong your skill move damages do) Offense (How good you are in combat) Def(Also how good you are in combat)

Two classes are currently in the game (Fighter, Swordsman), although classes don't really effect the game much, you can be a swordsman and still gain fighter skills, there are some boost for example.

Swordsman start off with a skill called Slant, if you read the light novel series of SAO, you'll see it, also Swordsman start of with more OFF,DEF,FOR.

Fighters start off with better Stamina than Swordsman, they have more STM STR DUR.

The game finally has some music, the music is great don't worry. Combat system has been added, only sparring between players are in right now.

The map has been update, 3 sub areas added and 1 area added, (Central Plaza,North&South Gate, and the Grasslands).
wow i was afk for beta test
In response to Kirito Sphere
There was no beta test JS!
can you write me on pager when the game will be on you know i got some problems with time because i live in germany :D
Game is pretty close to a decent alpha so everyday it's up for maybe 1-2 hours at random times like 12 am to 4pm the times are random only few people catch it so ;o
So no screenshots?
Su rul fels lik me in dah game
Dis desrves 5 tars.
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Ily dark q.q :D
Guys gonna add other classes?( Healers, assassins, rapier users such as Asuna , people that use companions, samurai, etc)
i dont think so better make weapons and items which gives you a class like a knife which is very fast but low dmg and rapier or pets which heal you (but pets should dissapear after they die)
commented with my bro account v.v (DaveionAT)
alpha >:O
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