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Naruto: Eternal Memories
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I don't know where to post bug abusing, But the key Ajtnt16 is definitely doing just that because I don't remember Might Gai ever having a Sharingan.
There isn't much more to tell about this.. But a picture does show a thousand words. scrnshot1_zpsaf9134ce.png.html?sort=3&o=0


{Alive} Hashirama Senju - PtvKiraSuicide
{Alive} Might Gai - Ajtnt16
{Alive} Tobirama Senju - MegaNarutoUzumaki
{Alive} Kankuro - Blade3512
{Alive} Sakura - Yasir2121
{Deceased} Hiruzen Sarutobi - Ni12
{Deceased} Neji - Deathstalker123
{Deceased} {PS} Sasuke - WarBandit267
{Deceased} Sai - StarlightAido
{Alive} Kimimaro - Chimb
{Alive} Itachi Susanoo - KiloJay
{Alive} (Puppet Body) Sasori - Renato2011
{Alive} Hidan - Heatbomb
{Alive} Madara - Dragoniods
{Alive} Kakkou - ZenoKuthric
{Alive} Kisame - Vegigota
{Alive} Guren - Lilsaintz
{Deceased} Karin - Kyubikitsune
{Not Playing} Jsaicecream
{Not Playing} Falcon3000
{Not Playing} Thehumandog
{Not Playing} TheGreatEscape
{Not Playing} Devine333
{Not Playing} Akibthesaiyan

Hello, it's not bug abuse, there's an icon bug with Sharingan which makes the icon lasts for rounds, it's happened many times and it's something common nowadays.