Resurrection (GIAD 2013)

by Taitz
Resurrection (GIAD 2013)
My entry for GIAD 2013.
v.7 build
-Few graphical changes.
-Icon rendering now occurs at login instead of world start up.
-Changed main screen slightly, displays all mob types.

v.6 build
-Changed main screen slightly.
-Minor graphical changes.
-Slight fixes.

v.5 build
-Pressing T will make your selected minions to attack the closest mortal if you have no target selected, if you had, they will attack that.

v.4 build
-Minor bug fixes.

v.3 build
-Fixed writing text glitch.

v.2 build
-Writing text is now skip-able.

v.1 build (initial)
I like.

Strangely enough I had no idea of ROTMG, not until after I had made it, so the answer is "no" I suppose?
Hmmm, well the image posted in the recent update seems interesting, and expansion on resurrection is it? look forward to seeing what you've been up to.
Sad to say that it isn't Resurrection, it is something quite different, however it uses a similar system in a few points.

Another one of my procedurally generated world type projects.