Dentist Approved

by Higoten
Dentist Approved
A GiaD entry based around personal hygiene.
This game was produced in part for Game in a Day 2013

In Dentist Approved, the player takes aim at brushing their teeth, in an attempt to prevent Plaque from taking over!

Although Dentist Approved has no formal ending, each new day will progressively become more challenging.


- Mouse
- Additional instructions provided in-game.

-Additional Information:

- Single player game.
- 100% free and never-ending gameplay!
- Entirely mouse controlled.
- Music and sound effects! (Credits included)
- Produced in around 8 hours.

Brilliant game! Really made me chuckle, and I loved the soundtrack!
You should just make it so the brush is already active? Idk just a suggestion.
In response to Jittai
Thanks for the suggestion.

I originally had planned for having different utensils (toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, etc), but with time limits and a lack of applicable purpose for them, I never fleshed out the idea enough, and having to select the toothbrush at the beginning of the round became a left-behind.

Hopefully its not a major inconvenience, but certainly is a spot for confusion to crop up.
You should also make the chunks you have to clean off yellowish or green lol.
In response to Jittai
Haha. Yes, plaque actually is more of a yellow film, and not black, as is my misconception.
This game could teach a british person like myself XD.