Hello BYONDers,

I've been playing around with some rather large music files to see how good the quality can go and a few of these happen to be fairly large. About 500 KB's + per song. Thinking it was fairly cool I decided to take a look at memory usage and noticed that anytime I play a new song on the list my memory seems to retain the last songs or at least doesn't decrease the memory usage I have taken, I was curious if there was a way to either clear the old song from a players memory or is this meant to happen?

If you're curious I mostly use just the

src << sound('song.ogg',1,1,1,100)


[Edit 1]

As a quick update and reading up more in the DM Reference I did notice that setting the status to stream helps tremendously when using this so long as I'm not messing with the frequency or playing other songs (though I'm unsure if this prevents songs on other channels or what). Still the memory useage does seem to bump up slightly each time not sure what it is but it's far less than before.

[Edit 2]

As another thought or update whichever comes to mind, i'm curious as to what SOUND_STREAM actually does, we know that streaming is normally taking data and temporarily giving it to the user so in this case is it just quickly dumping the song as it's playing or is it taking up latency when playing online or streaming from the should be downloaded rsc as in locally off the computer? Any help would be appreciated.
Audio is now stored in RAM in 499, while I don't know how to clear old songs, I played with sounds a bit myself and I usually butcher their size with Audacity, you can either reduce bitrate or change the file format to .ogg.

You can play around with it, I reduced my sound files from about 5MB to 400kB, the quality wasn't harmed much by it, at least not from what I could hear.

I got it about as small as I could and they are .ogg files too :) unless i'm not understanding quality which was set to 0 at the time hahah perhaps an audacity lesson is in order for me. Thanks for responding though, I hope there's a better way of fixing the audio since storing in ram can be harsh on people that don't have a lot with sizes this big.