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That's your choice. If having fun instead of the obligatory arguing and "discord" that most posts provoke turn you off from participating, that's your call. I'm not sure why so many people feel obligated to think I "need" people to join a contest though.
I'm just hosting it for fun and to allow people to have fun. If you don't want to then - it's cool, if you want to then go for it.
I can assure you though I'm not the type of person that does things for "coolness" points or "acceptance". I am easy going and laid back by nature, I can't really apologize if my personality offends you, especially since-- you barely know me?

In regards to what you asked Magnum discord , it's the opposite of harmony and yes I spelled it wrong, I shall fix that.
I'm still deciding what themes to use. I think I want to do the song lyrics one, and I'll use this lyric from Macklemore's "Victory Lap":

"And they say, "Don't forget where you come from
Don't die holding on to your words
Cause you know you got a whole world to change
But understand who you got to change first""

On that note, we can use part of the lyrics of a song, right? It would be kind of hard to make a game based on all of the lyrics in this song.
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Sure, you can use the whole song or just a verse.
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No fun allowed.
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I'm a rebel. I put a plastic bag over my head and run with scissors while I scream y.o.l.o.
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Really early, but it's something. Primarily 'exploration', but I've got a few other themes mixed in as well, and ideas on ways to get in a few more. ;)

EDIT: Inspired by one of Squidi's 300.
Hmmm looks interesting. My curiosity is piqued.
Count me in! Ty for this Dariuc
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N/p , Added.
So since I can't really enter being a judge and all I've come up with a couple of ideas for a cool game based on these themes and thought I'd share one:

A lone traveler is directed by an other worldly voice which promises to help him with a task.
He visits from location to location, directed by this voice who is guiding him. He encounters people, and helps them, asking nothing in return, instead he simply asks them if they will join him. His task is to defeat a certain monster. This monster / creature has been terrorizing the countryside for years, unchecked. Each person he meets believes him to be crazy, refuses to help him, but instead gives him an item of some importance to the story.

After meeting 6-7 people he begins to doubt. However the voice reassures him that in the end, his task to defeat the monster will be completed. By the last person he aides, he is full of doubt, anger, and the voice has stopped speaking. Feeling distraught, and angry at having wasted his time and strength doing these random jobs and listening to some "voice" he storms off, towards the monster's den , which is atop a tall, and dangerous mountain.

Upon climbing the mountain he uses each and every item along the way, some of which save his life. Upon reaching the summit his faith in the voice is renewed. The voice tells him that the journey is what made him strong enough to get here and that no matter what happens, he needs to go forward with the encounter and see it through, to the end.

The fight is fierce and brutal. the creature is viscious and has superior speed and strength. Many times the the hero nearly dies , he gets wounded after a long and trying battle, at which point it becomes clear that he won't survive the encounter. The creature hoists him upward , with one claw preparing to chomp his head off, at which point the hero remembers the voice's last words "see it through to the end". He plunges the very first item he ever received in his quest, a dagger of great sentimental value, and plunges it into the creatures rib cage, puncturing a lung. The creature's howl was mighty and deafening, bursting his ear drums but he struck again, burying the dagger deep into the eye socket of the beast. The beast flings him over the edge of the mountain, where he falls into the darkness of eternal slumber.

The next day, all of the people the hero visited have a change of heart. They witness in their sleep the night before an untold story with a familiar face. You see their troubles were light, compared to that of the traveler. His family had been slain before his eyes, his wife and two children, powerless and unable to stop the creature he was knocked out, only to awaken to a destroyed cottage and blood spatter. Despair, anguish, lonliness set in. Then he donned himself in a deep green cloak and began walking.
When each person awoke the next morning, they were in tears, for they felt the experience as if it was their own, they suddenly realized that look in his eyes as he asked for help, and the reaction they recieved as they told him no and understood the significance.

They put down their worries, went to arms and rushed to the place he said he was going. They all raced, converged and hurried, knowing that his words were true, that none of them would be safe from the monster. Until now the monster had never hurt or killed humans, but the traveler knew, it now had a taste for blood, because it was his family that had suffered the most.

As they reached the summit of the mountain they all gathered together. Staring up at it's heights and through conversing realized that they all shared the same dream, all had met the same person, and were all there, for the same reason. They venture upwards, cooperating, making their way to the summit and finally make it there. They see the beast, it's eyes fixed on them, wounded, bleeding yet savage-- unmoving. They look around at the battleground, and see the signs of a fight, a struggle. And to their left a tree, the storming sky, the breeze blowing a tattered and torn green cape which had just managed to hold on til that very moment. The cape finally came loose and fluttered downwards, from the summit the ground looked like blackest night. The skies were grey, and billowing, thunder erupted and flashed, and their hearts sank as they realized they were too late. The realization turned into rage, and they charged the wounded beast in a furious frenzy of vengeance and sorrow. "Maybe if I had come when he asked us, he'd still be alive. I have to make this right." was the unifying thought. The weakened beast, was still as savage and viscious yet just as he was about to strike a fatal blow, his wounds would pain him, allowing the group to get the upper hand until they finally were able to strike a fatal blow, sending the creature careening into the darkness below.

After the battle they all wept for joy, and sorrow. They erected a makeshift grave for the fallen traveler and his story became legend amongst the land.

This game idea was inspired by the themes of Chaos, Discord, Unity,Survival and realization that sometimes, just sometimes your problems aren't as big as you believe. And maybe, just maybe the people who complain the least have the most to speak about.

Btw, this can't be used in the contest (not that I thought anyone would use it anyway) :P
I'm in.
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You've been added. Any idea so far what themes you'd like to base your entry on? (I'm mostly just curious).
I don't get why you people care. If you don't like it, don't be involved. It's pretty simple.
Please keep the thread clean. Thanks in advance.
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We care because we could have entered had the owners of the competition placed this at a different time.

If you don't point out mistakes how is anyone ever going to learn? I think you're mixing up C&C with whinging.
We get it. There are those of you who are upset with how Dariuc is running his own contest. But keep this thread on-topic by discussing the entries being made for this event. Thanks!
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Good point.
I am entering contest wish me luck good!

Question: For bible verse can I use a few bible verses if that my only theme?
Hmmm good question Fruit.
You "could" but try to incorporate multiple themes to increase your chances of winning.
Neimo is now our 4th judge.
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