I hope I'm not the only one slaving away at this contest.

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Sorry, I had to.
I think I'm going to rename the game now, just because of that. lol
Gonna bump myself out of this. I've been far too busy with life and my unfortunate addiction to League of Legends to work on this enough to stand up to anything anyone else made in a week. My ideas probably could have done well, had I had the time and used it properly. Haha oh well, maybe next time.
That's a shame, Albro1.
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What he said. Thanks for participating though. Good luck with league of legends. lol.
Just under three days....

How's everyone doing?
I'm dipping out. My core system took two days longer than expected, so I won't be able to get enough testing done in the other categories. I'm still expecting to playtest next week, just not on sunday.
The home stretchhhhhhhhh and the cuts are madeeeeee.
It's understandable, there's still over 9 participants so feel free to drop by and check out what everyone else produced.

Or- serve as the 5th and final judge if you wish.
Dariuc I most likely wont be able to enter my game in time unless the contest is extended till 12:30 AM Monday morning EST.

That's about 3 hours after the deadline.


The reason being I have no access to internet until I get home from my house in Maine

So this is a request to officially extend contest by a few hours
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Unfortunately I can't do that Fruit. It wouldn't be fair to the people who have already bowed out because they felt they wouldn't have enough time to finish.

You can still submit your game though! :)
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Huh? If you tell them the contest has been extended by a few hours, don't see why you couldn't re-accept them. Also I don't see a few hours as the reaosn as to why they'd have to drop out when as you said we have an entire week.

If anything, it should be unfair that rushnut started an hour early, not a few hour extension to have one extra participant.
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I already extended the contest time by 2 hours from the beginning though. I personally don't see why a week isn't enough time but I do realize life gets in the way of our better plans sometimes as well.(which is also why the week long time period.)
As I said in the rules though, you can still enter and be judged, and ranked compared to the other entries, it just won't be eligible to win a prize.

It's also a bad practice to change the rules to suit circumstances unless the circumstances are an emergency.
The few hour extension, while it doesn't do much for those of us who dropped (I dropped because I spent too long on something, a few hours won't fix that), would be bad form. It's rather rude to say "the contest will be done now" and entered in would be expecting to be done by then.

If you say a few extra hours is not a reason to drop out, then it's also not a reason to extend the contest. In your reasoning, Rushnut should be disqualified, not everyone rewarded for him starting early.
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You make a valid point, that's also another reason I gave a two hour grace period to the contest. It's supposed to end at 5pm central.
It ends at 7pm central.
I'm going to be streaming for the next 24 hours or so, up until the deadline.


For anyone who's interested in watching my progress.
Not sure why I was added as a participant when I was only considering joining, but I'm not making anything for this anyways, so feel free to remove me. Maybe if the next person who makes a contest gives some warning (and makes it properly) I'll join. Or maybe I'll make a contest at some point.
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Not sure why people keep saying I made the contest "improperly"
Elaborate exactly?
Not having enough time? If you can't find enough time to make an entry within 168 hours when I've seen you, yourself make entries in considerably less time, you just didn't have time to begin with. That's all it really boils down to. If you have some type of reasoning to persuade me otherwise, feel free to list it though, I'd really like to know, otherwise I will just consider it your personal opinion(and treat it as such.)

Maybe you should make a contest though, maybe less people will complain-but still enter or "consider" entering.

More than likely this contest was just ill-timed for you. If that's the case it has nothing to do with my rules or the way I run it,and more with the fact that you are just unhappy that you don't have the time to participate. So exactly how is that my fault?

I would recommend you host a contest though, so you can see just how easy it is to fail trying to suit everyone's needs. It's next to impossible, but more importantly you probably wouldn't want to try to cater to everyone's needs because people often make impractical demands.

Not only has this contest been designed with more than ample time for everyone to place an entry, regardless of when they may happen upon it, but it's rules were also specifically designed to be fair to everyone.
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Didn't say the contest wasn't made properly, I used parentheses to add that contests should be made properly, as others have not been properly made in the past (though yours is fine). The issue with yours was not having notice, as well as being pretty quickly posted after a recent contest. Yes, I can make a game in a short time, but when I don't have notice, I can't clear my schedule. I like to be prepared, mentally, before I can jump into it.
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