Not sure why I was added as a participant when I was only considering joining, but I'm not making anything for this anyways, so feel free to remove me. Maybe if the next person who makes a contest gives some warning (and makes it properly) I'll join. Or maybe I'll make a contest at some point.
In response to Megablaze
Not sure why people keep saying I made the contest "improperly"
Elaborate exactly?
Not having enough time? If you can't find enough time to make an entry within 168 hours when I've seen you, yourself make entries in considerably less time, you just didn't have time to begin with. That's all it really boils down to. If you have some type of reasoning to persuade me otherwise, feel free to list it though, I'd really like to know, otherwise I will just consider it your personal opinion(and treat it as such.)

Maybe you should make a contest though, maybe less people will complain-but still enter or "consider" entering.

More than likely this contest was just ill-timed for you. If that's the case it has nothing to do with my rules or the way I run it,and more with the fact that you are just unhappy that you don't have the time to participate. So exactly how is that my fault?

I would recommend you host a contest though, so you can see just how easy it is to fail trying to suit everyone's needs. It's next to impossible, but more importantly you probably wouldn't want to try to cater to everyone's needs because people often make impractical demands.

Not only has this contest been designed with more than ample time for everyone to place an entry, regardless of when they may happen upon it, but it's rules were also specifically designed to be fair to everyone.
In response to Dariuc
Didn't say the contest wasn't made properly, I used parentheses to add that contests should be made properly, as others have not been properly made in the past (though yours is fine). The issue with yours was not having notice, as well as being pretty quickly posted after a recent contest. Yes, I can make a game in a short time, but when I don't have notice, I can't clear my schedule. I like to be prepared, mentally, before I can jump into it.
In response to Megablaze
So basically the timing of the contest is ill-suited to you because you just don't have adequate time to devote to it as you would like.

It's been that way with the last 2 contests hosted here on BYOND for myself. However, not once did I ever really make some of the remarks many people feel it's their duty to post here.

So it sort of makes me sit back and wonder exactly what people are complaining about when I hear things like this (and I keep seeming to hear it several times)
People who knew about the contest from day one, showing up and going - "I might compete" then coming back later going "well i would if i had enough time" When you sit back and think about it objectively, the time spent following the post could have just as easily been spent being productive.

But that's just how I see it. If you don't have time to devote to a contest, nothing will change that no matter when it's hosted. Whether it's a 48 hour contest or a 170 hour one.
In response to Dariuc
Dariuc wrote:
When you sit back and think about it objectively, the time spent following the post could have just as easily been spent being productive.

I wasn't following the post for days, I was working and packing up to move into my college dorm (Which I am now in, the wifi here is amazing. >20mb/s up and download speed).
In response to Albro1
That doesn't really apply to you Albro, I remember you mentioning that you have a lot going on, I also saw that you have had a lot going on for the past few weeks based on a few of your other posts. Aside from that, you did actually enter.( Most of the people who were complaining that they didn't have enough time for the contest didn't even bother to try to participate. *which is what I found weird, I mean if a person don't even try how will they really know?* )

A good example of this is, the last two contests, I did actually attempt to produce something, even though I didn't enter officially. That's when I realized that for the most part it would take me either a) working 10-24 hours non stop to get something I felt like entering or b) team up with someone to produce something I would want to enter,but I also have weird habits for a game maker. I like to be challenged, which means the things that I could 'easily' make don't interest me.

My efforts to team up with someone ended up in me doing the lion's share of the work on their entry and me not even getting anything done on mine. Hence I just fixed up their entry and left mine alone.

My entry, Gestalt is available for download for anyone who may be interested in playing.

Good luck to all participants!
4 hour countdown. Contest ends at 5pm c. However you up to have two hours afterwards to make a submission (to be eligible for the prize)
Any submissions thereafter will be accepted and judged (just not eligible for the prize pool.)
Well, I'm not going to make it. Sixty five hours at work this week did me in. But I did make a fair amount of progress and I'll try and release a playable version tonight or tomorrow. I like the idea so I'll keep working on it.

Thanks for the contest. Even though I didn't get anything finished, it did get me working on something I like, which is good :)

Best of luck to everyone else.
Late submissions still get judged btw so when you get it done shoot me a link.

The ultimate goal of the contest is to get people to do "something" so I'm glad you ended up landing on a project you enjoy working on.
I submitted my entry... i'm going to crash now...
In response to Neo Berserker
LoL okay. Good luck though unless someone else enters in the next couple of minutes either you or Higoten will be eligible for 1st or 2nd prize. Any other entries will be judged and the results posted.
I submitted my shit.

19mb rsc takes a long time to upload to email.
Contest Ended officially 3 minutes ago.
Higoten entered "Gestalt"

Whilst Neo Berserker entered "Dread"

Congrats. Results will be posted within 2 days from now *tuesday no later than 5 pm.*
As far as the prizes are concerned, Ease mentioned donating 15 dollars to the pot-- but I haven't heard from or talked to him since tuesday so I'm not sure if he intends to still donate to the prize fund or not.
If that's the case I will just award each game 1/2 of the pot since there were only two prize competition entries.


Apparently :

Hey. This is D4RK3 54B3R. My entry is called "Andromeda"

Prize distribution amended back to it's original status.
uh what? According to the timer, the contest just ended, and not to mention the business with the 2 hour grace period? What the hell is going on?

Did my entry get submitted in time?
Are there any other submitted entries?

[EDIT]: Whew. alright. I guess I was cutting it a little too close then. :]
In response to D4RK3 54B3R
Don't tase me bro.
Judges, get back to me here if you still plan on judging (or email me so I can send you the entry links directly)
Yep. If he wishes.
Page me.
Results will be posted later today: the prizes will be distributed after the announcement, thanks to everyone who entered, thanks to everyone who participated.
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