Woah that's an old game! :P

Are you accusing me of repurposing the code from that game?
I will admit that there are some similarities between the two games, but I wrote Andromeda from scratch.

Race for the Stars had some terrible physics simulation that made the ships extremely difficult to fly. If you played Race for the Stars, and then played Andromeda, you'd be able to tell that there's a huge difference in that regards.

All of the interface code in Race for the Stars is DMF. There is almost no HUD-based interface code in Race for the Stars. ALL of the interface stuff in Andromeda is HUD-based, and there is zero use of DMF, besides a single map element.

The only things I used from that game was some of the art (that I painstakingly created during that GiaD).

If you would like further proof, I can send you the source code to both games.
In response to D4RK3 54B3R
There are huge simularities.
The game is named race for the stars, but within the game itself you can clearly see the word Andromeda.
The ships have the exact same names.
Some of the weapons and attachments for the ships do as well.

Graphical interface and graphic switch ups aside, code wise the game was supposed to be done within a week's time. I can understand the excellent graphics (I mean it's pretty easy to find good looking sci-fi graphics or if you are skilled, to make them.)

There's just too many likenesses between this two year old game- and the current one you submitted to the contest.In fact the two games have almost exactly the same content based on that video)
It's an ambiguous grey area-- which not only myself noticed, as such -- we both decided that while the game is good, there's a high chance that it violates the rules.
I disagree with just about every statement you've made there; Same names for the ships don't indicate that code was copied. There's no similarities between game content: Racing in spaceships vs Sandbox. There are no weapons/ship attachments that have the same name between the two games.

Would you like me to send you the source code to both games?
I'm sure you will conclude that Andromeda was not based upon Race for the Stars.
In response to D4RK3 54B3R
In this instance, no. I'm definitely not saying you copied the games. But sending me source code won't really change much. If you use one as a basis and improve the code, it's still not really "from scratch" coding. There's literally no clear way for me to judge whether you did, or did not code the game from scratch given the video comparisons.

They both feature nearly the same exact movement, game play elements and features.
Have you played Race for the Stars?
There are significant differences in gameplay elements, features, and even the movement system. To the point where the only concrete similarity is the theme.

I started Andromeda from literally zero lines of code (besides some small libraries). NOTHING from Andromeda's code came from RftS.
In response to Dariuc
Why would you let people use libraries, if you wanted the games entirely comprised of "from scratch coding"?

Furthermore you've just proved you don't care or suspect they use the same code, you care that they're similar games. Where is this stated in your rules?
In response to Doohl
@ Doohl-I didn't "prove" anything to you, and I really have no need to defend myself to you either sir.

There's plenty of reasons to want to include a lib in a game. SwapMaps, or some type of font handling system.

Porting over nearly 50% of an old game and recycling it into a new version? No.

He said he was satisfied with coming in second place. So I'm not following exactly why this is a dispute?

all people program differently. I've seen enough of people's code to know that they all have manners. It would be nearly impossible for me to distinguish between two same fingerprints (which is why it's pointless for you to show me code in this instance)
Or placed a different way.
When I worked on Angel Falls, I could distinctly tell some of the sections that fallacy worked on by his coding style. If I was to check out one of fallacy's past games, code and all, and compare it to some of his newer work, they would be obviously different in many ways, but for the most part his coding style would be very alike.

And I'm sorry but no matter what you say- this isn't really going to be changed. Me and Ease spoke about it, at first we both noticed it seperately- then the video was found.

@ Sab5r-I'll make it entirely clear, I'm not accusing you, of anything. What I am saying is that due to the incredible likeness of both games- you got disqualified.

It's a good thing I don't live to please any of you people, I can clearly see I'd have to had changed the rules 5 times by now.
Where is it stated in the rules that "likeness of games" is grounds for disqualification?

In response to D4RK3 54B3R
It's stated to use libs. Not whole sections of previous work, that's what the ruling is based on.

And I hate repeating myself- so I pretty much won't.

There goes Dariuc again, causing a scene by pulling ignorance out of his ass.
In response to Kumorii

Another poorly-handled contest. GG, BYOND.
Wow, i wasn't expecting winning, but it seems it was simply because D4RKE's entry was disqualified,i used 2 libraries (which being fair that's not making a game completely from scratch...) and i want to mention that a friend helped greatly on the programming part. I think the reason he was disqualified is not very convincing to be honest =/, but i'm merely a contestant and the decision is up to the judges here. Sigh-

For anyone interested i made a hub for my entry, http://www.byond.com/games/NeoBerserker/Dread

For some reason i can't link the direct download for the game(is it because i'm not a member? Not sure...), so just click on the website link and you'd be able to download the .zip from dropbox.

I'm willing to share part of the prize with D4RK3, i don't mind ofcourse.
Agreed. This competition got a poor start and was handled poorly. I'm very glad I didn't enter.

Dariuc you said "Games must be created from scratch/ground up." That's a very ambiguous statement so you clarified it with "Libraries are allowed, pre-made artwork is allowed,but all other code must be created within the one week time frame." That basically says that the only thing you're worried about being from the ground up is the code. Everything else is okay.

If you didn't want people to use designs that were made before then you should have said but you didn't and now you're punishing D4RK3 54B3R for your failure to write the rules in a way that accurately reflected how you were going to enforce them.

D4RK3 54B3R deserved his prize and you've basically left everyone with a very bitter taste. I'm totally disappointed in your judgment on this Dariuc.
In response to Zecronious
So apparently because you all dislike me I'm ignorant and incompetent? Hmm. Big news there. Too bad I really don't care.

Aside from that, I really have nothing to say to any of you.
Contrary to what you believe- it was a 50/50 decision.

The act of cheating is defined as :
cheating present participle of cheat (Verb)
Act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, esp. in a game or examination: "she cheats at cards".
Deceive or trick.

So I'm pulling the dictionary out of my ass now? How about "you clowns just change the situation to suit you." Fascinating. I'll alert the rest of the world that 5 people on BYOND believe they are wrong.

He purposefully used pieces of an old project to give himself a better advantage at winning, then attempted to try to pass it off as an entry.

Now if my attempts to hold a fair contest are "wrong" then I guess you guys love real poorly held contests.

You know the ones where judges just base it off of how they feel at the moment, with very loosely written rules and no real purpose-- then pitch a bitch fit when said contest never gets conducted properly.
In response to Dariuc
Dariuc, he didn't use his old project. That's what we're trying to tell you but you refuse to listen. He said he'd give you his source code to prove that he only used art from it. LIKE YOUR RULES LET HIM.

He did nothing wrong and you're being a complete jerk to everyone now too.
I'm willing to give D4RK3 prize money equivalent to what he would have gotten if he wants. (Just PM me or send an email to [email protected]) I don't think he should have been disqualified.
In response to Doohl
Doohl wrote:
I'm willing to give D4RK3 prize money equivalent to what he would have gotten if he wants. (Just PM me or send an email to [email protected]) I don't think he should have been disqualified.

What a great guy!
You do that.
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