I think there should be a way to be able to see who rated a game and where they ranked it. I am interested in seeing who's rated what games, to see who likes what.

Not sure if it was already posted, if it was sorry. (I tryed the forum search)

Seconded, its just interesting really.
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Actually I made a post about this earlier... hmm let me dig it up.


Maybe we'll get more noticed this time.
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Yeah that would be cool
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sixed I think it would be cool to see who likes what
Since we're just saying random numbers now; Twelfth'd.

I seriously would like to see it though.
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umpteenth. Nice idea.
I think of this a lot - Good idea
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I like it as well. I have always wondered who has voted for games but didn't want to search through every BYOND member and record what games they had..
Being able to see who has added you as a contributer to their blog would also be nice.