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Well, I have recently been mistaken as a moderator, somehow, three times in the last month or so. I've cleared up the confusion, helped the people best I could and informed them of the proper moderators to talk with regarding their situation(all three were asking about listings in some way, so I pointed them to Lord Andrew and Lige).

Therefore, I am requesting, as per Lige's suggestion, a 'star' or something of the like to easily determine if someone is a member of the moderation on forum post without having to click on their avatar, since that doesn't seem to be enough.

you're clearly not a moderator.
Otherwise, it'd say "BYOND Moderator":
geez why can't people click?!!?!

However, such a thing might make sense - either as a user title or some kind of label/star thing.

People sometimes think I'm a moderator - to the point where, when I say something negative, they type:
Not a bad idea. I wonder if we'd want to extend this somehow to hub forum moderators, when dealing with a post they can moderate. Makes sense for one of a hub's helpers to be tagged somehow. But I'd want to use a different star for that.

We're not using red and purple stars currently, though I've created them.
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Indeed, I know clicking the avatar shows the ranking of the member, 'BYOND Member' or 'BYOND Moderator', but that doesn't stop people from confusing me as a mod.

@Lummox JR, it sounds good to me. It'd be easier to see who's who in correlation to the hub helpers, since most games don't make it clear that ____ is the key ____ and even if they did, it would confuse the casual looker-on that's only seeing the feedback in the hub forums to decide to play or not.
Perhaps something like this, it stands out more than the stars that people probably don't roll over anyway.

Obviously not the same icon, I grabbed that from Google images.

Code -

.forum_pic {
position: relative;

.mod {
background: url("") no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
height: 23px;
right: 48px;
position: absolute;
top: 46px;
width: 27px;

// PLACE THIS UNDER THE FORUM IMG <img class="icon64 forceimg" width="64" height="64" src="">
<div class="mod"></div>
Whatever happened to someone re-doing the stars :|
Do what blizzard does, change the color of the name.
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Most forums, rather. Staff having colored names has been around since I joined the internet 8)
How about 1 of these:

& the text come all 3 BYOND colors + black

Eh, I don't like the gold and it's kind of hard to read, but the ribbony effect is kind of nice.
What color will you like?
Just make it two shades of the orange they use on the site.
How this:

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Thats better. Try adjusting the text though, it's not very pleasant with those oranges.
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Kitsueki wrote:
Thats better. Try adjusting the text though, it's not very pleasant with those oranges.

The orange on orange and black on orange works, but green and blue on orange don't work very well. White might be another color that could work in this case.
The orange on orange is actually red on orange

The text colors come from the circle areas
Lummy Lummox; bump? I forgot about this request and half the pics here are expired, but still!
I support this idea. I'll try to get to it soon.
On top of this, I wouldn't mind seeing a return of the "speaking as a moderator" feature that existed in the old forums. Something along the lines of maybe highlighting our post in the same yellow (or possibly red) as seen in feature requests/Developer Help. I believe it would help posts stand out when we are officially speaking as moderators, and not as users.
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