by Acebloke
[AMT] Join the war or build a city
Welcome again to the Wargames showcase week!

Just a reminder that full features and access to all the games featured in this showcase are available at a cut down price for this week only available at Wargames Complete Pack. $5 for a year access, or $15 for a lifetime pack, these will go back up to their regular price of $7/$20 at the end of the showcase.

Today is Trench Wars, something I put up a short while ago as an idea. It is a tower defence game which will be getting a wargames theme. What I have uploaded today is an update making gameplay to go with it, you have some basic waves sending across, two different towers to build each with unique upgrades and even a difficulty setting.

Its not a finished game yet, there is a random map generator in the works, and I need to label all the components so you know just what you are building and what is going on. I also need to put a sprinkle of Wargames lore into it to make it fit the mark, but we'll get there in the next update or two.

For the next few days we'll see updates from the already playable games which will all be seeing new updates, tune in this time tomorrow for the next game.
wargames lore :O
:O Sounds awesome Ace
I am excited to see what you have in store and I love your games! I normally am broke but if I run into some cash I will certainly send it your way :)

Keep it up! :)