Naruto World Of Shinobi

by Zerdack saiyan
Naruto World Of Shinobi
WOS is one of the oldest GOA rips with faster leveling, much more Jutsu and clans, and fair balanced play. We are currently on a new wipe. Admins needed as well.
Let's cut to the chase. Just today, Sazo has announced that he is considering a huge change for the Uchiha clan's Eternal Mangekyou Sharkingan and Rinnegan boosts. I'm all for that, I believe spam killing is tiresome and boring. However, his idea's have aggravated and enraged Uchiha users such as myself. He said he is making EMS cost 65k skill points, and Rinnegan cost 85k. At level 200 and all points applied into strength, control or reflex, you end up with about 55.7k skill points. Not even enough to pay for EMS alone.
I have listened to ideas from other experienced players and formulated them into my idea. Sazo could make it so that when an Uchiha reaches level 150, he could be prompted with a message asking him if he would like to try to earn EMS. Upon answering yes, the player could then be teleported into an arena where a powerful NPC awaits. And upon defeating this NPC, the player has a 50/50 chance to obtain EMS. Upon failure to defeat the NPC, the player would have to remake their character and start again.
Now for Rinnegan, I would suggest Sazo making it so that when the Uchiha, after successfuly obtaining EMS reaches level 175, they could be once again prompted with a message, this time asking if you would like to try to earn the legendary Rinnegan. However upon accepting this promt, the player would be transported to a maze like system where the player would have to search for a scroll containing the secrets of the legendary eye.
Next up, I have some ideas for bijuu. Fairly simple, all I'm suggesting is sazo to input a second passive page where the column for bijuu mastery can be found. In this column there would be passives such as Bijuu Duration, Bijuu wound reduction and Extraction protection chance. However to obtain point to input into these passives, you must use you bijuu. for every use of the bijuu, the jinchuuriki obtains one point to input into these passives, however it would not be as easy as it seems right now. Before any passives are applied, the bijuu holder would take very high wounds from their bijuu. Also, upon having your bijuu successfuly extracted, all passive point applied into the bijuu mastery column would be lost.
Sazo, if you have criticism or you find anything wrong with any of my ideas, don't hesitate to tell me about it. I'll do my best to re-think anything you're unhappy with.
The problem with this is im trying to limit the ability of getting ems at low levels causing it to be skill point based and on top of that EXPENSIVE , causes uchihas to budget their points if they want ems and Rin, on top of this stated fact, ive decided that 65 is too much im thinking more so i may drop it down to 25-30k and make it so you have to have the final uchiha skill as its pre req, which in the case of Itachi and Sasuke, would be susanno 3 as for rin it will be 15-25k but ems as a pre req
I understand your intentions and agree with them wholesomely, but I have a real issue with needing to spend skill points on something like EMS. My suggestion solves both of our problems, since level 150 is not considered "low level" at all. And even then there is a high chance that you still won't get EMS, forcing you to remake. And if you do finally obtain it, you've definitely earned it.
Sorry Sazo right now im trying to respond in a sensible mature manner. If that was the case, can you make it so that EMS comes with a set of jutsu aswell. Because no matter what with buying uchiha clan jutsu and then buy the legendary eye. This is because Uchiha Jutsu are already expensive in their own right compared to other clans. So in comparison to other clans and players, we would be losing out on MAJOR non clan skills and would find it very difficult to compete. Basically im just saying if this was to be done to uchihas, can we compensate for the lack of sp available for non clans, by making EMS come with its own set of offensive jutsu aswell.
The only good thing about this is that Ucihhas would be able to respec
Sazo why not just remove ems and rinnegan entirely? Make MS the thing to gain if anything and ems and rin Donater only. Make MS not give u wounds and ye everything should be fine
Yo Sazo forreal man I put work into that comment lol I beg you just reply and gimme ur input