Naruto World Of Shinobi

by Zerdack saiyan
Naruto World Of Shinobi
WOS is one of the oldest GOA rips with faster leveling, much more Jutsu and clans, and fair balanced play. We are currently on a new wipe. Admins needed as well.
Ems- leave kills the way they are, but make it so that you cannot steal eyes till level 150. It is very hard to get to 150 without EMS as an uchiha seeing how Tomoe three is so weak. Make EMS S Rank
Rinn- Same amount of kills, but make it so that you cannot steal eyes till level 200. Make Rinn S Rank

it will be very hard to obtain the number off kills without EMS as well as keeping deaths low enough to keep S rank.

Paper- NERF NERF NERF, the boost is too much if they also get damage reduction. If they dont get damage reduction, the it doesnt need to be nerfed very much, but it could still be pushed down a little bit

Nintai- Stop complaining, its fine the way it is

Ruthless- Im a little on the fence on this one, but i think that there boost needs to grow faster, be outside a fight for a minute and someone jumps u u die, and as con grows your chakra grows which basically stops all stamina regeneration

Snake Cell- Make perfect snake mode S rank and require 50 kills for 100%(im not sure, it may already be that way)

Aburame- dont take my word for it, Ask Monoxide when u get the chance. Aburames have the most OP Tai in the game, just saying

Akimichi- Pills wound to fast, they r doing the right damage, just slow it down a little bit, they are close to unusable right now.

Nara- i saw someone wanted new jutsu, Naras are fine the way they are. I might would have there jutsu partially based on int to make it more like the show, but eh, its fine the way it is if nothing else, leave it alone.

Hyuuga- i dont think 64 palms should stop regen, draining all chakra in an instant is bad enough...

Kaguya- Take the daze/tai lock out of Bone Drill

Yuki- make skills move faster, they are EXTREEMLY easy to dodge, and if your too close to your needles, they hurt you too which is stupid.

Spider- i was told that armour does 5k static damage protection. If thats correct, i might suggest changing that to be dependent on con so it protects you longer for the more con u have.

Bee- Their boost is not good enough to take wounds from, either buff the boost or take out the wounds.

Senju- Raise the cd on wooden needle.

Scorch- everytime you use the boost, your regen drops, and if you use the second stage, your regen drops even more.

Lava- give them some kind of boost or better jutsu, right now they just dont work haha!

Samurai- they should get a stamina boost like Capas but reduced chakra.

Namikaze-buff the rasengan damage, it may just be me but i feel as if its a little low.

Non-clan: Apperently they are all fine the way they are, leave em be

Thats really all i have to say. Oh! one more thing. Give Tannk his donator respec and 60 donation points back please ^_^
Inuzukas: Nerf dog, Either make it killable and raise summoning cd or make it so that it doesnt do so much damage per second
Samurais: this is an edit suggested to me, Samurais need either some kind of weapon boost, or a better sword because their sword does crap damage
Sexy Genjutsu: This jutsu is fairly done. The bug where everyone sees you as sexy jutsu from then on is a little annoying but managable. However i think this gen should require more Int to use. Or maybe have a short range like 1-2 squares away, idk really, its just seems too powerful a genjutsu when you dont even really need int.
Suiton Field: this jutsu does nothing, even with a direct hit, it does nothing at all. I dont know what its supposed to do, but hey, heres your oppurtunity to make a whole new jutsu out of it. Possible drain chakra, or stamina while standing on it.
Earth Shaking Palm: As far as i know, this jutsu still does little to no damage and isnt worth the SP you spend on it. I think it should be like a stronger version of Cherry Blossem Jutsu but idk what its really supposed to do because ive never seen it working before.
Kirin: very powerfull jutsu. The damage doesnt need to be buffed. But landing this jutsu is very difficult. In the show, its supposed to be undodgeable and in the game, ive never been successfully hit by it in a fight. Idk how to make it better, maybe make it instant like the show.
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