Every time when i search up a anime it says source code.What are Source Codes and what do they do?How do i get the source from the codes?
"Source code" is the entire bit of code that makes up a project. That said, I would absolutely recommend you do not use or try to learn from code you found from an anime game's source code, because you're only going to set yourself down a path of learning extremely bad programming habits (because anime source code is always terrible) which then become hard to unlearn.
Does Source Codes Work for Byond and do i have to download them from some site to get the codes?
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I probably wouldn't download source codes from third-party sites, because they tend to be pretty shady and sometimes want you to pay to download them. Not to mention it could just be a zip file full of viruses.

As to whether the source code works for BYOND: if it's written in DM (BYOND's programming language) then yes, it will work. If it's in another language (C++, Java, etc) it won't.
You would be better off learning the DM language yourself, or if you're a pixel artist? Obtain a programmer from the Classified Ads forum to help with making a new original game.

As Andrew had stated the anime source codes teach very bad habits. It took me a long time to un-learn what Zeta "taught" me.

But I am sure you'll either blatantly ignore this piece of advice and find one and use it, or give up and not want to put the work in yourself. I'd hope not, as seeing new anime games that are actually competent would be a blessing really.
Where do i learn how to pixel artist.I saw a tutorial by A2J2TIWARI but it didnt help.About the new anime games i got the ideas but i dont know how to code in my ideas which is impossible even for pros.
You have ideas that are impossible for "pros" to program, but want to learn how to do it yourself?
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It's a fallacy.
cause its just impossible to learn how to do it.
How can you know this if you do not even know how to program to begin with, NarutoHeroMMaster?
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Without knowing what your idea is, it's hard to gauge its feasibility. I suspect it is possible unless you want to do something like "whatever you think in your head is magically in the game." Perhaps if you explain to us what you'd like to do, we could point you in the right direction.
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What is it then? What's so impossible to program that pros can't even do it?
I have figured it out.

He intends to create Skynet.
Skynet.... whats that
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Thats a bold claim. Learn to program and them you'll be a fair judge of what can and cant be done! As of now your statement is being taken as a joke...

At any rate, BYOND has plenty of tutorials and people that will help you out. Check out the Tut forum and get to reading! Theres also the BYOND Guide, and the reference.

Chop chop.
I checked but they dont help me
I haven't seen you post anything in Developer Help and I casually look over that particular forum.
Fine imma post now since you said .... .