Bleach: Las Noches

by Lightning Inc.
Bleach: Las Noches
Version 18 introduces open world conflict with portal dimension bases!
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Bleach: Las Noches or, BLN is in fact a very fun and creative game. True to its inspiration and very detailed, BLN will surprise you with it's depth. It lacks a little in
guidance, but makes up for it for its eventual rewards. However, a lot of content relies on the community and boy oh boy can it be toxic sometimes. It shouldn't surprise considering it is a pvp game and there are indeed some great members of the community.
game has been down for about 48 hours now, just wanted to know when and if it was gonna go back online
This is the discord now
black screen please fix it
In response to Pietra22k
Pietra22k wrote:
black screen please fix it

Just clear your BYOND cache, this is beyond my control as a developer on the platform.

If I could manually clear someones cache every so often I would.

This is done through BYOND > Preferences > Games > Clear Cache button.
Paid classes with unrelated stuff to bleach.

In fullbringer like DBZ classes and Naurto classes which i've seen. Beyond stupid.

The fact you have to pay for them more money - more things is a fucken joke. Don't waste your time.

Not fun at all.

Game should be full and free for everyone not some p2w class bull shit in the game.
Those classes are balanced though, and the game is only heavily inspired by bleach, but not chained to its creative limitations.

This allows further expansion. If anything, this game is an embodiment of exciting 90s and 00s pop culture. Still surprised there's no Yu Yu Hakusho classes. Maybe there is, who knows.