Naruto World Of Shinobi

by Zerdack saiyan
Naruto World Of Shinobi
WOS is one of the oldest GOA rips with faster leveling, much more Jutsu and clans, and fair balanced play. We are currently on a new wipe. Admins needed as well.
Yo Sazo its your favourite Uchiha. Only a couple things I wanna talk about
1. PLEASE lower the SP for EMS
2. Uchiha jutsus are already expensive af for example hound bind is 3.5k sp. If youre gonna make the clan boost EMS THAT expensive can you please lower the SP for the other jutsu in the branch?? Uchiha is TOO expensive lol
3. This is just a plea that since we cant have EMS at a lower level because of SP, can u replace the blindness of MS with giving 25 wounds after each use?
I dunno what us Uchihas to piss u off Sazo, but please have mercy on my kind. I beg you to take this seriously into consideration and not just brush it off lol because this doesnt promote balance. More or less what it did was fuck uchihas and make NOBODY want one. Wats the point in fucking a clan so much that nobody wants to even play it (A main clan in the anime aswell). Just sayin.
Let me put this in terms youll understand Scorp

You know how uchihas fought senjus and they hated eachother?

Sazo is a senju.
The first point tho was actually me just sincerely BEGGING you to lower SP lol also I suggested to you if you could make it so that special jutsu or something come with the EMS to make up for the lack on non clan skills Uchiha are gonna have due to having to buy EMS and Rinnegan at a later stage
LOL @Mikey
But furthermore, It was brought to my attention that 25k SP is worth 110-120 points with no int. and on top of that BUYING RINNEGAN aswell
The SP it takes to buy the jutsu that you leveled so hard for with your other clan jutsu with pretty much leave you with NOTHING else. which is very unreasonable. Uchiha are crippled either route you take, EMS and rinnegan, or neither. And senjuu are a perfectly strong clan anyways. maybe a passive that lowers required sp for jutsu or just a simple change in the costs. Just my input. please dont ban me, haha.
True shit. Tbh, the whole point of making uchiha completely obtainable on skill tree is amazingly inefficient. The Uchiha clan is extremely expensive, and now, if you wish to have EMS, then you may not have elemental jutsu until you hit, oh i dont know, 160? maybe higher? that just kind of defeats the purpose of having the clan... I think that you should come up with something a bit more clever for Uchiha. May i suggest an allusion to the byond DBZ games. If a person has the honor gene of a sayin, they must witness 5 deaths in order to obtain super sayin. So, why not do something similar, in order to gain sharingan, witness the death of a villager, or, be knocked past wound cap. In the show an uchiha's sharingan is obtained through loss or necessity. if you do something like this, that would make uchiha much more efficient. and then after obtaining sharingan, they can buy the different skills off the skill tree, as for EMS and rinnegan, the system that was used before for EMS would work, however for Rinnegan, it wouldn't for madara never took another uchiha's eyes to obtain it, i believe Rinnegan should just come after a certain level, if one has already achieved EMS.

All in all, thanx for reading this long ass post, and i hope u take something out of it! Uchiha is inefficient to the point of stupidity, and its super under powered. so in the end, balance is the key!
SAZO i appreciate that u lowered the SP for EMS but u didnt listen to anything else anyone said. Sazo I beg u listen to me.
FUCKIN HOUND BIND IS 3.5K SP. Hound Bind. A Stun. is 3.5k.
The kamuis are 2k each. Raikiri is also 3.5k. AND then we also have to buy EMS!! For 12k!! All im saying is to lower the sp of the rest of the skill tree. Sazo im trying to do this Uchiha shit but it is ridiculous now will you please lower the SP of the rest of the different uchiha jutsus in their respective branches
welp goin bak up to 20k now
I think he does this to me on purpose
Yeah he does it because hes a dumb ferkin cawk muncher. The reason I quit revised is cause hes trying to bring balance to a ferkin rip. Dont try that stupid shet. Your not supposed to nerf the ferk outta everything.

Honestly uchihas are garbage now, it'll take you a hundred years to get the whole skill tree, and a hundred more for elements
Do you see samurai now? No point in going rfx with ANY clan now unless your sam. Plus youths are useless now against sam since tai is str[rfx vs rfx]. also uchihas are useless against them... All clans that gives rfx boost, useless(except sam)