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Loduwijk wrote:
As I said in another post, I think it would be great for coding design philosophy to go there. But for it to be the legit place to put code design philosophy, it should be said that change will be made as well. As it is, the design philosophy is not the official place for coding design philosophy.

Sure it is. If you're wary on a point of view from which to tackle a particular problem, or if you're aiming to improve (not fix) existing code, it goes in Design Philosophy.

Newbie Central is exclusively for things which you have no idea on how to handle -- a concept which is completely foreign to you, such that you need help from other developers to implement a working system for it.
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Scoobert wrote:
A simple name change for Newbie Central could be "Newcomer Central". Or "Easy Questions"

See, the problem with that is "Newcomer Centeral" sounds like a place only for the new people who don't know what BYOND is. I'll admit that is what I don't like about the name Newbie Centeral, but in Newbie Centeral it's a little more obvious that it isn't.
I think "Easy Questions" is more insulting then Newbie Centeral. Newbie Centeral implies that you're new, Easy Questions implies that you're stupid.
The thing I like about the name Newbie Centeral is the word newbie covers everything that goes in there. Newbie can mean new to BYOND, new to programming or even just simple.

Maybe a third "Design Problems" forum is in order? That way Newbie Centeral covers what it does now (basic code problems, basic design problems), while Code Problems and Design Problems covers their more complex counter parts.
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"Beginner" vs "Advanced" bad. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Look at's forum. It has a "Beginner's Code Problems", an an "Advanced Code (& Design)" forum. What happens is, that 90% of people tend to their their problem is advanced, since they have trouble with it.

I like Mike's suggestions. I'll pitch in with my own once I get more sleep, only awake from a phone call. Its 15:09, who dares awake me at such times!
Koshigia wrote:
Two, Move the Newbie Central closer to the top of the list. More specifically, above Code Problems.

I think thats a great idea, along with a name change. Something simple like Howto; What's this? or include something like that in the description. Something like drop in and talk to the odlbies or whatever doesn't really inform it's for learning.
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