Is there a way to check the world's current level of safety? If not, I would like to request that feature. It would be nice in some cases to be able to be certain that your machine is in a safety mode before asking for a file or what not and crashing a procedure. Oh! And maybe an option that lets you increase security level, but not decrease it during runtime?

This could be abused - a malicious trojan-like program would check to see what security level it was being run in. If it knew it was being run in Trusted mode, it could go ahead and screw up the host's computer without any fear of the host knowing what it was doing. If it wasn't, it would know to stay low and keep quiet until it was Trusted.

Maybe the ugly crash messages could be suppressed if the user is prompted about the action, and disallows it? You could still have a single line being output to world.log, rather than the full runtime error.

Oh, and you can get around the crashing-the-current-procedure thing - just make a new proc, which does only one thing (requesting the file or whatever). If it crashes, execution will return to where it was called. Then you can just check to see if it returned null to determine whether it was successful.