Age of Magic - Fairy Wars

by Zagros5000
Age of Magic - Fairy Wars
Coming this soon.

List of Features - Not all complete

-Create gear,items, and spell ingredients through Alchemy
-Join a guild with your friends and crush the opposing guild!
-Partake in the Colosseum's survival mode, or fight some friends
-Rank up and become S-Rank or even a wizard Saint
-Learn new spells and techniques while playing the game
-Explore areas,dungeons and raids to find chests containing legendary items!
-Gear up and raid the opposing guild
-Head out and complete quests ranging from easy,medium,difficult, and decade quests
-Join up with a party of friends to tackle difficult bosses
-Become a merchant who stocks up on Jewelz--the games currency
-Collect all the games hidden skills and items with your friends!
-Bask in the nice weather or cower in fear from lightning and ash fall
-Join world events with your friends and rivals!
-Become a lone wizard taking on daunting tasks without your guild
-Train your passive abilities making your character stronger without leveling up-- accompany this with questing and fighting to become the best
-A large array of mage builds allowing for strategic team battles

Affiliated Partners:

Kidpaddle45,Boxcar, Aeon Games Inc, Zane444

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Omg! This sounds epic! :D fan'd and wait'd! Can't wait to see your guys progress! :D

Though I have a question. Will Beta Testing be exclusive to certain people ie subscribers/Byond members/friends? Or will it be open to everyone?
beta testing will be open to everyone :D
Oooo! That's great! You guys just made my day! I was down today and this news just brightened it up! <3 I'm super hyped now! Though I kinda wish it was a rp game too.... .__. but anyways my wishes aside, I'm happy someone is attempting to make a FT game without giving up on it x3 Good luck you guys! Wish I could help but I have no coding or sprite skills >.<
If you need some help iconning let me know. I've never seen the show but I am sure I could help some.
Are the Mage guilds already named or do the first ppl to join get to name the guilds?
there will be a cap of 5 guilds and they will be prenamed until later on
When will open beta be?
Once the forums are up welle post our progress there
Sounds good to me :)
what all types of magic will be in it? I am hoping to make the male version of Erza
This looks great i've been waiting for a good fan game. Also will there be an option to be a dragon slayer or will there be just a chance of it happening on character creation?
Re-Equip(Erza style) will be in. Also it will be a very small chance of getting a dragon slayer type
In response to Emokid987
i wouldnt want dragon slayer but god slayer or even devil soul would be good
lawl well were looking for a GFX artist let us know if your interested!
In response to Emokid987
Now that we have a good new pixel artist all we need are GFXers and maybe a few more pixel artists but other than that progress is going pretty smoothly
I also have another question. Does this plan to be a level based system with stats? Or will it be a ranked based system where the magic you wish to specialize in, is only as good as you train with it to be? So it would be more skill based then level based to cut out the feel of grinding
tier level based/with ranks but the more magic types you choose to learn the weaker ulle prob end up being unless u litteraly play like 24/7
well that sounds good. And by specialization i didn't mean as in learning a bunch of different ones, i meant that if we started naked with no magic then we had free reign over what magic we learn. that is, if we don't already pick our magic during character creation.
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