Age of Magic - Fairy Wars

by Zagros5000
Age of Magic - Fairy Wars
Coming this soon.
ok cool how long til game release?
omg zagros. just made my day bro.
he made my day to but rami told me this so they both made my day .
so u made my day!!!!!!
Closed beta testing will be starting in roughly 1-3weeks
still pyched about this.
still bein worked on heavily
Still waiting Heavily
ill post a dev log soon about all the major progress
Reminds me of Eternia e.e
Release date is going to be pushed back due to lack of icons
If any iconners wish to help add my skype zaginator5000
If your looking for paid work I expect you to get it done well and fast
Who did that banner, tho?
If you need a hoster, I can do 24/7 for you. I'm loving the progress so far.
thanks for the offer but we have a host already :D
Any other screenshots besides login? And craft thing or w.e?
we'lle get a full on demo vid soon
the game is on halt until new bleach project is finished. if any pixel artist wants to make art for this game (its missing some spell icons) then we will gladly continue and finish before other project (other project is estimated to be done in around 1-2weeks)
If you guys need someone to test stuff and find out bugs when the games up let me know. Cant wait for the game to be online.
I rather have you finishing this game than bleach but ey both are epic so i don't realy care at the end
game is still worked on daily pretty close to a testing
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