Age of Magic - Fairy Wars

by Zagros5000
Age of Magic - Fairy Wars
Coming this soon.
Think theyve given up on it
We haven't given up, we plan on releasing it at the end of the month if time permits
i am really lookin forward to this one, i can already see from that one screenshot this game will be on another level!
its a good game but zagros taking his time puttin it back up :/
still havent heard anythin yet about this game :/
yeah this probably reached a dead end, he was lookin for GFX artist but didnt reply the message i sent him about it
We currently have no time, my march break is now over and I spent a bit of it with age of magic but the majority of it learning with a naruto game. The next time we get free time will be when we continue to work on this
Im gonna wait the game. Not problem
y bother sortin a game out instead of focusin on 1 thats already out nd has quite a few people ready to play it
Currently all my attention, related to development at least, is towards Age of Magic
This looks so amazing, cant wait for this, once this is out, 24/7 all day lmao. But im serious about playing ths.
Thanks, I've been working on it a lot lately, getting really close.
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btw did u add the some moves like the Thunder-flame Dragon or Iron shadow dragon mode? or something like that :o
also What are the chances of being a Dragonslayer :o
Darkness flame Dragon Mode
Thunder Flame Dragon Mode
Iron Shadow Dragon mode
Well in age of magic its a bit different i suppose, to become a fire dragon slayer for example you'll have to kill a fire dragon and pick up a fire lacrima crystal. You can consume, sell or give to to a friend
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but can u combine powers like the one i said?
no, probably won't be adding that for a while
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hmmm ok,add later on but when will this be release?
Sometime this summer within the month to come. If i find an artist to slave away with me then maybe even in the next 2 weeks
Aww just saw it was up w/ 3 players on and then suddenly it's down XD
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