Age of Magic - Fairy Wars

by Zagros5000
Age of Magic - Fairy Wars
Coming this soon.
In response to PhantomKurei
IT WAS!!?!?!?!
lol was doing some private testing
In response to Zagros5000
lol, was so hype for nothing ;-;
Game is going up Friday
Is the game going up today or what?
It's only 9:14 AM Mountain, so I'd imagine he's either Pacific (So it's earlier) or Eastern (So it's barely later). He's got time. XD

Doubt we will see it up myself, but still.
Ahh so for me i might see it up tommorow
Game still not up?
This game looks awesome!

They should make a rp server too.
Host had surgery yesterday so i took the time to redo party system a bit, and fix up Ai.
- gunna have some party related events as well
Looks awesome zag so when do u think game will be up? And hope host has a speedy recovery
Game not going up?
dont think so
Open up the game already >.>
ill host tomorrow
Ok wht time
About 4pm et
Gunna have to delay again for a bit, host bailed cause of a storm
It's cool as long as you host it today ^_^
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