NEStalgia has been Greenlit on Steam. After a year of having development essentially be on "pause", this was unexpected but very welcome news. The timing is fairly serendipitous, as yesterday I just wrapped up the job that's been taking away all of my development time for the past year in order to focus on my own small business. In other words, NEStalgia development is about to start back up in full force.

Anyway, thank you to everyone here who has supported the development of NEStalgia over the past few years. The credit for achieving this milestone belongs to Tom and Lummox just as much as it does the Silk Games team. I think that everyone should celebrate with a donation to BYOND ;)
Congratulations on the greenlight! I'm very interested to see how all of this plays out, for both NEStalgia and BYOND.
Congratulations ! Wonderful news to get I bet.
Congratulations! That is absolutely awesome :)
Excellent! Congrats!

Now, you just need to write a book/guide on your path, so that others may attempt to follow! lol
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Fair play mate, of all of us, NEStalgia deserves it.

Hopefully the rest of us can take this as a positive and work towards some more games reaching outside of our own community.
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Magnum2k wrote:

And there we go. Perfect!
Here's a link to the greenlight page, not sure if this is going to turn into the actual games page though. filedetails/?id=92588954
I have a few questions:

1. What process do you need to go through to submit your game to Steam Greenlight?

2. If you get Greenlit, do you need to rewrite the code of your game to another language.
SS13 is in PC GAMER this month, too.
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Raimo wrote:
1. What process do you need to go through to submit your game to Steam Greenlight?

Pay $100 (which goes to charity, not Valve) to the Steam Greenlight program in order to be able to submit your game. Simple as that.

Raimo wrote:
2. If you get Greenlit, do you need to rewrite the code of your game to another language.

Not at all. Games on Steam are made in all sorts of different languages (C, C++, C#, Java, ActionScript, R, etc). The key thing that you need is to integrate the Steamworks API into your game, to make the authentication calls to Steam, handle the in-game overlay, achievements, etc. Steam provides libraries for these in several different languages, including C++ (which is the one I assume will be used for NEStalgia).

This presents a unique challenge to greenlit BYOND games of course, as we don't have access to BYOND on the core C/C++ level. I suspect SilkWizard and crew will need Tom and Lummox JR's help to create a special build of BYOND that has the Steamworks API stuff built-in for NEStalgia. Foregoing that, they could also try using it via call() and a DLL file, though that would get really messy and be fairly hacky.
Ah, I was thinking that you had to rewrite your game using C++ instead of DM. Thanks for the clarification.
Once SilkWizard contacts us informing us of the integration process, we will hopefully be able to use a modular approach to build that in as part of the standalone system. This way, in the future if any other games get into Steam, all they'll need from us is the standalone.
Good job!
This is an amazing accomplishment.
Great job!
I finally get to be a hipster by saying I played it before it went mainstream.

Congrats, Silk.
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