Fortress Wars!

by Covertsuperx
The war has begun!
Fortress Wars! Set in a unknown time. Four fortress go to war.

Each Clan has different set of skills and set of abilities. Each are worthy of being playable, and there is MANY things to do. Here is a few;

-- Collect missions that give you stats and Battle Power from the Elder.

-- When you die you go to jail, which you can break out of, however, you have to go through a sewer full of deadly monsters.

-- Purely New moves made from scratch!

This is purely PvP, so all (almost all) fighting is allowed. No need to role-play!

Just have fun and become the BEST!
Nice try.
This game is interesting it's defenitly different from others but in all it's pretty good better than a whole lot other games the GM's up here are helpful and nice
what the hell is wrong with this game? why weak spiders are moffuking gods?
when will it be up
would love to play but its never up