(See the best response by Pirion.)
        if(TempBanK.Find(ckey) && TempBanA.Find(address))
src<<"<font color=red>You are banned from []"
del src
AdminMessage("[key] tried connecting from [address] Time: [ReportDate(world.realtime)]")
ALog("Temp Ban: [key] was prevented from connecting from [address] but was temp key and ip banned. Time: [ReportDate(world.realtime)]")
usr<<"<font color=red>You are banned from this server"
spawn(1) del src

Problem description:
Whenever I run the game I get this error:
runtime error: Cannot execute null.Find().
proc name: New (/client/New)
source file: H_Admin Variables and Procs (new).dm,205
usr: null
src: Gogeta9000 (/client)
call stack:
Gogeta9000 (/client): New()
There's nothing we can help you with. It says runtime error: Cannot execute null.Find(). and line number. One of your lists is null; you either didn't new() it or didn't load from file correctly. How to solve it is up to you to figure.
:| Thanks bro.
I mean, the problem is probably logging the info :| considering my log is broken.
Should fix that and it should start working properly ;P
Best response
It is either of the following that is null. If it were your log code, it would say it's in ALog not New() for the proc name.

Ok, so I'll just find these 3 prices and see which one is null and fix it.

:P sorry it's just I never had this problem until very recently so I'm not too sure what to do with it
Sorry i meant procs. XD stupid autocorrect.