Guys it seems lately that all the byonds games sucks


This is sarcasm, you morons.
Its been that way yeah, really. Maybe we should work on making some games we like then, eh ?
Cause 80% of them are Naruto/DBZ/Other anime that is overrated, fangames.
quit whining about it like a bunch of adolescent emo community fanboys, and make your own friggin' games. that is what BYOND is really for.
I lose the sources everytime *blames dad*
/me is making a Naruto+DBZ fighter o.o

Where your head splodes...
If you seriously do, you die. Slowly.
Digitalmouse wins! Fatality!

I am, Basik.
I'm having on hell of a fun time making concepts and ideas for the game.

When Kyuubi goes into form 666, it's not pretty.
When Goku goes Ssj666, his hair goes pink...and you see he uses his tongue for attacks.
Acebloke said:
Its been that way yeah, really.

Wow, did you really not get my sarcasm? =/
Guys it seems lately that all the byonds games sucks

No, they always have...
No I really didnt get the sarcasm, because they DO suck, no offence. >.>
I've not seen any difference in the quality of games since I came here to now. If anything they've got better (LRS).
If that's the case, go make some good ones.
Stop stalling and make your mega-post >.>
Make your massive post already, you inconsistent labile piece of crap!
LRS........ Long Live the King =]
All I do is make fangames (Not the crappy ones, but the ones that are hard to come by <.<)
Well, he was going to make a massive post about me and Elly, but I made him keep a hush hush.. Wait...


Git R Done?