Naruto Destruction Lies

by Colesprite
Naruto Destruction Lies
A Naruto Game based off of the series, become a ninja explore uncharted lands, learn new justus or new hand to hand combos, tame wild beast.
Want to become a moderator for NDL, well just make a decent post about why you should be a mod and how much experience do you have with moderator powers.
I would like to become a Moderator for NDL. I have some decent knowledge on the game but i don't have any experience as a Mod for game like NDL. But i would like to help with the game.
I would like be a mod why cause im active and cole you know meh exp. o.o
Username: Chaosprotector

Country: Canada

Ingamename: Alfred,Oni

What I like about NDL: I think the game has future potential in becoming a great game in the future. I love the quick training and the PvP the game has.

Hours I am active: I am usually on byond during 5-8 P.M. on Mondays to Thursdays. Fridays I am on from 5-11pm. Saturdays->Sunday I am on all day.With the exception of me having homework which I put above all things.

Why I should be a GM: I am not going to lie with this. Yes.Being a GM would give me an extent of power which I would enjoy. I have played many games on Byond and have seen my share of bad and good admins so I do know how to handle situations. I have learned not to play favorites or abuse the power I have. I follow the rules and have many ideas on the game I would like to share. If I were to be an admin and find myself in a situation I have never been in I would ask the more experienced admins for help. I have seen my fair share of AFK trainers in the game and I would like to help to stop the AFK training.I am a GFX artist in training as I have seen the game start page and it does not look good in my opinion and I could help with that. I speak French and can help with language issues.

Thank you for reading my application.
Name(On the game):Hebi Leader Xero
Experience:Owner,Co-Owner,Head-admin,Mod,Enforcer(basicly all xD)
Reason: I'd like to join the admin team on NDL, because the game can go all the way to the top if you got the right team to help you there. I am best as an enforcer, I make sure both admins and players are treated equally and following the rules. I will only use my powers for helping purposes and assistance to other admins.

Active: All the time.
Key- Jmoney40

Name in-game : Jmoney40

Exp- Co-owner- head admin hoster

active monday-thus. 2:30 to 8-9 depends

Reasons I'd love to join NDL I have exp with games like this + this game can go to the next level and i truly believe that Cole i just met you lol but your cool and i think we can make this game the best on byond also another reason is because i have alot of ideas because of my other game i was a head admin on so together we can do this cole i can handle the pressure of admin + i can host if u need it and yeah thats all cya bro thanks for taking time hope you pick me :D
o and on active fri 2:30 all day and night sat all day sun all day till 8-9
Username: Chibipizzaguy,JaegerMeister

Country: Somewhere South of Canada,and North of Mexico

IGN: Mittens

Experience: GM on SoL, Host on PvP Style and Dragon Universe, Head Admin on BFA etc....

Err idk what else to put on this.... Im only doing it cause you said I had too xD.
Username: ignorentnick
IGN: ignorentnick
Reason: i would like to become GM to help you with the players and give you a break if you ever needed one
Name: Niko you can call me by my name or IGN if you want.
Key: Snow Pirate
IGN: Bastion
Experience: I've Admined and Iconned for numerous games.
Naruto Next Generation
Pokémon Race against time
Pokémon Destiny Quest
Pokémon Phantom (Reborn aswell)
Naruto Exodus
Way Of The Shinobi
Rise Of The Pirates
Naruto New Flames for over a year.
Several Dragon Universe Servers
And A lot of random rips in my time

I usually like to just harmlessly mess with the players when i'm bored. I have yet to abuse any power I've had
I've Co-owned a couple of games but decided to move onto different things when the owner rage quit for months on end.
I bring a whole new aspect of awesome in everything I do.
And i'd be willing to Icon on the casual for NDL.

That it?
I'm too lazy to type, I come here for the lulz
In game name Izuna Uchiha.
Specialty:iconing and graphics along with mapping.
How long i've been a user on byond 7 to 8 years .
How long have i been around this source since Kimi the original creater made the source.
I'm good with players i don't mind helping whenever or whoever if help is needed i will be there even. Also even if players or overwhehlming with questions i'll construct order and help one at a time and i will make sure all rules will be enforced to the smallest detail.

IGN:Kyro Raion

Experience: I've moderated on mostly this style of source. that being
Naruto Blind Spot of the Souls(around a 5 year veteran. :P)
Naruto Shippuden:Skylit Apocalype
A numerous more. Just forgotten the names since they have closed down.

Why Should you get gm?: Well i feel i could be very helpful with new players given the experience i have. Wouldnt matter if its the lowest ranking gm. That alone should be enough to help the players in this game.
Blind Spots Expirence : 3 Years Plus
Gm Expirenceon This Key:
Naruto Blind Spots (Kimi Version) (Master Admin and Admin)
Pokemon Regions (Master Admin)
Naruto Destruction Lies (Nato Version) (Admin)
ShamanKing (Admin)
Reason: Very helpful, has a vast insight on the game, very expirence about most clans, Knows how to deal with every situations.
Yo its Terrell I've been admin on many games including ones like you. I don't enjoy abusers but I love to see the player rate grow and I will help in any way I can. I've been a admin on many servers even a co owner of a Naruto game similar to this one. I am a supportive Cole sprite games and I've helped him out on many games including his bleach. If I do become admin I can't wait to be in colesprite Naruto family.
Username: Killk123

Country: USA

In game name: Okamoto

What I like about NDL: That it is the old styled game and that game is fun to play.

Hours I am active: during school: 4:30 to 8:00 and summer al the time.

Why I should be a GM: I'm Colesprite and im a alright gm to the point of admin to i'm good.
Key:Jonny Test

IGN: Ryame Sama

Exp: I have been Coder/mapper/iconner for 10 years i am a veteran at byond can host... been owner/co owner\Admin on many games such as NNG,naruto exodus, naruto dance of the lotus, i have played naruto blind spots and the other ones like new region know basically everything about this game..

What I like about NDL: It Is a game that has the potential to be one of the best games in byond with the right staff to help the players. i also love the gaming system and the way game actually applys to the naruto universe.

Reason: want to help this game make it to the top with right staff because their are allot off staff are inactive and don't really like to help which i don't get.

Hours I am active: everyday after school and before school. so you can count on me to be on and helping.

Why Should I should get Admin/Gm: I believe i am a really helpful person when they need.. i am really good at defusing arguments and make my decision with the best intention for the game to be prosperous.
Ryame Sama

I would to become mod to make the
game fun and fair for people to enjoy and my ingame username is dark
Okay. Cole. There is no reason you should let your friends that have anger problems be admin. Rendai banned me for telling someone to stop asking for a clan change. That's two different admins that you've made that have no sense at all. When you said that you wanted the Admin to be more of a family. I didn't think you'd just let people in that want free shit from you. No-one and I mean NO-ONE helps more than Myself, Alfred and Nick. We're the ones that try helping everyone all the time. We're the ones that aren't concerned with being the best player. WE know that admins should focus on the game and not playing it to be better. Yet.

I want an Experienced family.. You said that. The others you made admin aren't even experienced in anything but being angry.. Not to mention the people actually think they can get whatever they want whenever they want. They expect us to give them leaders, Clans, Jutsu for no reason at all xD. You need to fix it.. Fast..
pretty much over half your staff is crooked they all gonna put the game into dirt they boot/ban change others clans edits and
tele kills except for alfred and kirito but the rest are all goddamn twisted
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