Naruto Destruction Lies

by Colesprite
Naruto Destruction Lies
A Naruto Game based off of the series, become a ninja explore uncharted lands, learn new justus or new hand to hand combos, tame wild beast.
Have any suggestions new justus or stuff you want added to the game post it here!
what about a seprett page where you get a tutorial on how to play and what not.
Yeah thats a great idea, i'll all that in.
Naruto Kyuubi chakra mode?
Chakra Mode will actually be added, except it will be different for every biju, like how killer bee had chakra mode etc.
i think you should add time space rasengan to this game and make rasenshuriken
Oh yes some rasengans in ;o!
Time Space Sharingon!
I got a suggestion How about (Sharinnigan)!
Another one a madara uchiha skill for his ems (>Shattered heaven<) aka heaven concealed
Oh and more clothes 2

and hair
This might be a bit long but meh.

Naruto Jutsus:
Big Ball Rasengan(Odama Rasengan)
Big Ball Rasengan Barrage(Clones holding rasengans)
Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan
Rasenshuriken Throw
Twin Rasengan
Sexy Jutsu
Shadow Clone
Shadow Clone Fake=Clone but wont follow you.

Kyuubi(same as it is now)
Kyuubi Cloak
Sage Mode(Able to enter sage mode during kyuubi cloak)

Transformation Jutsus:
Sage Mode:
Sage Art: Big Ball Rasengan
Sage Art: Many Ultra-Big Ball Spiralling Serial Spheres
Sage Art: Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan
Toad Oil Flame Bullet(AoE of mud...basically)

Kyuubi Cloak:
Twin Rasenshuriken(one in each hand, not throw)
Mini Rasenshuriken(Slows movement for a little while)
Planetary Rasengan
Tailed Beast Rasengan(Bijuu bomb Rasengan)

I'll do more if i can be bothered

Ten Tails
1)Planetary Bijuu Bomb
2)Bijuu Extracton No.1 Jutsu
1)Bijuu Hunter
2)Ninja Councile
Things Related To Wars
2)War Objective: Example Colect All Bijuu.
Minato: should have that bijuu mode that mode that naruto has..
Kakashi: update in his ninjutsu since he has some of the most nin arsenal in the naruto universe but basic element tech not something to OP lol
Madara: his susanoo but dont forget to make downfall
make ems evovle into rinnegan but very super high req that is hidden and none know about
Sagas: their should be ninja sagas

The Op clan like juugo tayuya should really take the 1 hit techniques out and make the game more skillful
bring this game back up please
I have many ideas to improve the game after reading manga since the beginning :)