by Ralf1324
Bring aid to the various colonies of Sekia, and make a name for yourself as a great adventurer.

Sekia (BETA) 2.0

The game of dungeons, skills, and exploration.


You arrive on the island of Kaishi and just in time, too.

The residents of the two major continents - Kuni Major and Kuni Minor - have been engaged in a civil war for a number of years now. They have been fighting over possession of the territory separating them, the Sekian Desert. The desert's only inhabitants are a colony of underdeveloped villagers and creatures similar to those that roam around all of Sekia.

Your task is to help rebuild things destroyed in the ongoing warfare, bring aid to the various colonies of Sekia, and make a name for yourself as a great adventurer.


Please leave all suggestions, bugs, errors, etc. with an admin in-game or on Sekia's forum. Be as detailed as possible with your explanations to help expedite the process.


Designer / Creator: Ralf1324
Administrators: Mesiapk | PrinceKita | Ralf1324 | SadisticChaos
Testers: PrinceKita | SadisticChaos
Assistance / Support: Xirre
Updates (1-10)

-Added: Sekite ore / bars / weapons / armour
-Updated: Chestplate icon overhaul
-Added: Gold on HUD
-Added: Ability to decline shop sales
-Added: Administrator Adjust_Stat() verb

-Added: Combat level on HUD
-Fixed: Magic spell casting with multiple monsters in oview
-Added: Map
-Fixed: Balance visibility of player text against game text
-Added: Feedback verb for Alpha testing
-Added: "AFK" in Players tab
-Removed: "AFK" overlay
-Added: Needed administrator verbs

-Fixed: Bugs with casting spells (fire ball, alchemy)
-Fixed: Values adjusted (staffs, potions)
-Added: Lost gold on death (up to 5% of carried wealth)
-Added: Exit from castle
-Added: On death, spawn on current island
-Fixed: Inability to pick up gold if inventory full

-Added: Ability to repair staffs / two types of broken staffs
-Fixed: Longer magic cooldown time
-Fixed: Several issues with inventory spaces allowing players to gain extra spaces
-Added: Auto-AFK after two minutes of inactivity
-Fixed: Levels required to cast teleport spells
-Added: Bamboo shoots from chopping bamboo (use not yet determined)
-Changed: Decreased frequency of staff breaks
-Added: Inns for health regeneration
-Added: Shovel can now be used to dig for treasure

-Fixed: Login bugs (character found when no character exists)
-Added: Name cannot be blank
-Added: PvP System
-Fixed: Inventory / Drop bugs
-Added: Admin meeting place (Admin Island)
-Changed: Equipment breaks less random (staffs break after 75 uses, axes break after 50 uses)
-Changed: Weapon / Armour drops less frequent

-Fixed: Building Ships / Using Shops while occupied
-Changed: Camel max drops
-Changed: Strength of magic spells reduced (was too high for levels)
-Fixed: Many bugs that caused players to be frozen
-Added: Deposit Item and Withdraw Item spells
-Fixed: Issues with lighting fires
-Added: "Cancel" option on alchemy spells
-Added: Option to trade players
-Added: Two new spells (Deposit Item and Withdraw Item)

-Added: Current quest to Quests button
-Added: PvP icon
-Updated: Map
-Fixed: Ancient document for 'Pyramid Mysteries 1' quest
-Added: Admin Go_to_Coordinates() and Change_Value() verbs
-Added: Cancel option on bank functions
-Fixed: Spells now able to be cast from more than 1 space away
-Added: Two new combat spells (Tornado and Whirlpool)
-Fixed: Issue with selling items while one of the same type is equipped
-Added: Warning to user to equip weapons after armour to prevent overlay issues
-Changed: Increased defence for most monsters / altered defence for some monsters
-Fixed: Bronze and Tin swords switched
-Added: Sight potion can now be made (with glass)
-Added: Low / Med / Strong staffs

-Updated: New interface
-Fixed: Bug that allowed players to cast magic on monsters without being attacked
-Added: Chat icons
-Updated: Disabled HTML on user inputted text
-Fixed: Ability to save and load character properly (even after updates)
-Added: Updates option on Alpha Testing tab

-Fixed: Capital letters at the beginning of names
-Updated: Can now only PM with players
-Updated: Shop and other locations added to map
-Updated: Icons for strong staffs
-Added: Different types of logs depending on tree chopped from
-Added: Hair customization at character creation
-Updated: Consistent formatting on admin messages

-Added: New skill - fishing
-Updated: New combat system with macros
-Added: Run option from combat
-Added: Healing option
-Added: Ability to double click objects to pick them up
-Added: Item stacking
-Added: Ability to examine objects in inventory
-Added: Administrator Calculate_XP() verb
-Updated: Use for bamboo shoots and feathers (fishing rods)
-Updated: Use for different types of logs (fishing rods)
-Updated: Skill bars can now be clicked for XP and leveling information

Updates (11)

-Updated: New logo(s)
-Fixed: Many minor bugs
-Updated: Interface update (custom border and buttons added)
-Updated: Major graphics update
-Fixed: Anvils now work with double-click
-Added: Cancel options on smithing
-Updated: Quests redesigned to include fishing
-Updated: Quests redesigned to give bonus inventory space after first 6 instead of 10 quests
-Added: Lake in Kuni Major
-Added: Notifications when entering new locations
Updates (12)

-Updated: Interface update (close and minimize buttons moved)
-Added: Custom browser windows
-Fixed: Can no longer enter combat while healing
-Update: Graphics update on all sand / dirt paths and forests
-Added: New private message system (with custom browser)
-Added: HUD icon for private messages (with flashing alerts)
Updates (13)

-Added: New weapon (spiked mace)
-Added: Alerts for new unlocks (skill-related)
-Added: More customization on login (clothing)
-Added: Clothing shops
-Updated: Redesigned interface icons
maps look exactly like old teridal, aka seika #lel
In response to Lexeous-kun
Lexeous-kun wrote:
maps look exactly like old teridal, aka seika #lel

Lol - I think that's fairly unlikely...but like Teridal grew in a different direction, so too will Sekia. :P
Updates (14)

-Added: New skill (Agriculture)
-Added: Farms
-Added: NPC - Farmer (source of seeds)
-Added: New monster (Wild Plant)
-Fixed: Gold drops are now rounded
-Updated: Most interface buttons now work with macros (statpanels soon to be removed)
Updates (15)

-Updated: Statspanel converted to custom window with macro access
-Updated: Map updated
-Updated: Windows now draggable
-Added: Farmer on Kaishi for convenient seed purchases
-Added: Login screen
-Fixed: Character deletion on creation
Updates (16)

-Updated: Plazas enhanced with enterable buildings
-Updated: Map updated
-Fixed: Major error not allowing for new character creation
Updates (17)

-Updated: All statpanels removed from main interface
-Updated: Inventory now grid in new window
-Updated: Spells now grid in new window
Updates (18)

-Fixed: Several login issues
-Added: Player count in players window
-Added: Different moderator / administrator levels
-Added: Muted players given a "Muted" label in players window
Updates (19)

-Fixed: Issue with displaying spells properly
-Added: Event (searching for presents, 3-month BYOND membership reward)
Updates (20)

-Fixed: Level requirements for bronze and tin (previously reversed)
-Updated: Potion base price adjusted from 300 to 75 gold
-Added: Cancel button to say and pm commands
-Adjusted: World reboot time adjusted from 10 to 30 seconds
-Updated: Look of the inventory (different font, bold, line color)
Updates (21)

-Updated: New interface design
-Updated: Color for login / logout messages changed from black to green
-Updated: Color for login screen buttons changed from brown to blue
-Added: Cancel button to drop gold command
-Updated: Redesigned map
Updates (22)

-Fixed: Most (hopefully all) places where inventory wasn't updating previously
-Updated: Chatbox can now be moved and resized (customized)
-Added: Fires can now be used to see in dark places
-Added: Location label on interface
-Added: Strength defence training mode buttons on interface
Updates (23)

-Fixed: Overlays now removed while sailing
-Added: Health and magic energy bars on interface
-Updated: Torch lit time extended
-Updated: New grass icon
Updates (24)

-Updated: Look of stats window
-Added: Statbars to stats window
-Fixed: Removed Pick_Up() verb from inventory objects
-Updated: Adjusted cost of seeds and value of flowers / plants (profit margin decreased)
-Updated: Stats window now updates automatically while open
Updates (25)

-Added: Necklaces with skill bonuses (buy from mage, smith, or obtain as drop)
-Added: Stat boosts in stats window
-Updated: Stats window now updates when equipping / unequipping
-Fixed: Clothing can no longer be worn over armour and weapons
-Fixed: Inventory now updates while mining
-Fixed: Inventory now updates while smithing
Updates (26)

-Added: Sekia text on login screen
-Added: Game Guide to interface (all skills)
-Fixed: Stat bars in stats window now show accurate percentage to next level
-Fixed: Can no longer attack while AFK
Updates (27)

-Added: Boots (Can be bought from clothing shopkeeper)
-Added: Boots to character creation
-Added: Ability to choose "None" in character creation
-Added: Turban (Can be bought from clothing shopkeeper)
-Added: Royal Coat/ Royal Pants (Can be bought from clothing shopkeeper)
-Updated: Clothing shopkeeper now sells suit parts (no longer available at regular shopkeeper)
-Fixed: Magic Spring icon (now works with changing grass turfs)
-Fixed: Stores now spaced out more to inhibit seeing them while on the same z-coordinate
-Fixed: Death potion death (potion turns into a potion flask, character teleported to nearest starting point)
-Updated: World is now informed of committing suicide by death potion
-Fixed: A few instances of inventory not automatically updating
-Updated: Game Guide now provides accurate information
-Updated: Magic Guide now refers players to game guide (will soon be removed from game)
-Fixed: Misspelling in code preventing players from depositing and withdrawing gold
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