Hi all! my real site is if ya wna be a member post back if you are good at something useful
im bored
id like to help u plz
my key is damobro556 so add it and ill help u plz and can i become co-owner
hey im willing to help u my key is stickboyharry add it and ill get this game up and running trust me iv got alot of dbz fans that will play this.....plz its for the best

plz reply ,stickboyharry
wtf you spoded to do on sonic online thars nothink
i cant download it
when will this be up somebody answer plz
You really probably need to work on Sonic online, because I played it and there's only one place to stay on.
hey when will this be up
can sombody plz host i really want to play
plzzz this is the only sonic i can count on
i wanna play wanna of ur game add me