Tales of Judgement R

by Mana Production
Tales of Judgement R
RPG of One's Decisions Affects The World - Requires Byond Ver. 513.1524+
The game is going into a huge update, the title system has been remade with more interesting things to look out later.
As a little spoiler, we have added a Difficulty Setting in this newest version, of course there will be medals if you beat some bosses with higher difficulties.

Only few players may be able to play and test it out and gave us reviews for what to fix or add to make the game more enjoyable and challenging.

If you wish to be ToJ's version 5.0 BETA Tester, go to the link above and submit your BYOND Key.

That's be all for now, I keep you guys in update if anything happen

- Leon Magnus
Will it be as buggy as the old one? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!!!