Shinobi Arts Online

by Jean Sqribe
Shinobi Arts Online
Naruto MMO with guild systems, village pvp, cutscenes, quests and much much more
I have a suggestion for the game instead of having justu used form the start they have to learn a justu
based on there element and get to choice a element in character creation also another element if the clan is born with that like u get lightign but your a uchiha so uaslo have fire

2 Also 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,0 numbers are handsigns u have to use handsigns press to perfrom a justu if u do it like 50 or how much the u want it to be if u decide to go with my suggestion,Ok after doing it 50 times u can put the justu on a slot
3 u get half the exp from your team mates when they do a misson
4 Justu,s like sharigan or just,s which do not require handsigns can be on slots from the beginning
Man the game is in alpha test lol, they gave u all the jutsus just for u to see the icons or something...but the game is making some progress i think .